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Mister Eclectic

What *did* I do today? Hmmm.

Another long night's sleep. Another Spookless night. She mostly camped out on the livingroom floor.

Had some trouble getting to sleep because it felt like something watery was in my right ear. Q-tip showed something, maybe blood. Just a trace. First thing in the morning I took some H2O2 in a bathroom paper cup, laid on the bed on my left side and poured some in and let it fizz. And refilled twice when the fizzing stopped. That helped a lot. But now my ear canal feels sore. I'll call an advice nurse tomorrow.

My usual breakfast at the computer, nothing new in the job search except for two east coast recruiters spamming me with LinkedIn requests.

Caught up on some more DVR, but ADD set in as I noticed a small pile of CDs which needed to be filed back into the racks. Three of them were relatively new, so I fired up iTunes and ripped them. And then though it was about time to rip all my pop CDs. I already did all my musicals.

I got a good start on that, half the top row on the rack, when it was time to head for the cinema. The ticket Janice is not using became my ticket to The Magnificent 7

I almost walked out a couple of times. The opening credits were partly unreadable because the cameraman shooting the background kept aiming for lens flare. On purpose. I figured it was just the opening, so give it time. It got worse. Much worse. Totally amateur camera work. The scenery was spectacular, it should have been breathtaking, but the camera work was like they had handed an 8mm to a first grader. Wrong choices of focus, lens opening, lots of shooting into the sun. There were plenty of close-ups, but they were invariably framed like brownie camera snapshots, no thought at all to composition.

As if that wasn't bad enough, voice acting was intermittent. Okay, you're drunk, and your speech is slurred, I get that. But you still have to articulate enough for us to hear the insult which triggers the fight. And just because you're speaking Spanish is no reason to mumble. Audio mixing was pretty good, it was the actors at fault here.

Writing was not as bad as it could have been, there were a couple of LOL moments, and a pair of running gags which had been ripped off from elsewhere but were set up well.

The cast was a mixed bag. Denzel was great, Chris Pratt phoned it in. Martin Sensmeier was spectacular as the surprise Native American, Vincent D'Onofrio is sometimes brilliant and sometimes a FAIL, he plays the fat guy who cannot be killed. I don't know what they were thinking casting the wet dishrag personality Peter Sarsgaard as the cold-hearted land baron bad guy. It needed to be a character like Snape or Gul Dukat. And while Haley Bennett did her best to be the heroine, she is sabotaged by the script (which doesn't know whether to make her a firebrand or barefoot and in the kitchen) and by the horrible photography.

The whole movie dragged. Not enough was left in the recycle bin. The final battle scene was longer than the first Gulf War. The final scene where Denzel faces the Bad Guy could be its own feature film.

The closing credits were unreadable, brown on sepia in a font which looked like a cross between Log Cabin and Chinese Takeaway. I didn't stick around to see if they claimed that no horses were injured in the course of blowing them up, because I'm pretty sure that would be a lie.

Weather was in the 70s and mostly sunny, a huge change from the last couple of days. Rain is expected the next 2 days. Getting back to normal Bay Area weather it seems, after years of drought.

Went to Starbucks next door to catch up on email, FB and eye candy.

Home, decided not to plug in the car because there was still 85% charge, but then I saw the rent check on my "next time you're going out take this" spot by the door. And that's when I remembered I was going to stop off at Fry's on the way home. Took it to the clubhouse and deposited it in the rent slot, then on to Fry's to buy some Cat 6 cables to replace the older ones on the router. This was a clue from the interview yesterday.

Home again, installed the new cables. I ran a speed test and it only made about a 3% improvement. But I'm ready if we ever get gig Ethernet.

Tuned into NASA TV to watch the astronauts/cosmonauts/nippononauts capsule land in the frozen tundra. The live images of the big parachute coming down were not HD, but the fact that the were transmitted from a field in the middle of nowhere and there were no transmission errors was impressive. All three nauts looked fine after they were pulled out of the sardine can.

I ripped CDs as I was watching this, and continued to rip CDs when I had dinner and watched a couple of episodes of Shark Tank. The producers have installed a couple of time sucks into the program, which I do not like. One goes back a ways, sometimes they show a 5-minute video of the victims in their natural habitat. I just want to see them in the tank. And now they air arguments between sharks after some of the deals. I do not want to see that at all. And more than ever, they are kicking to the curb killer products which are "too soon" or "not a real business".

I'm ripping CDs as I type. Most of the way through the 2nd row, and I've found two empty cases. The Byrds Super Hits and Tracy Chapman Crossroads. I think they may have been left in a car CD changer when I sold the car. Not a big Chapman fan, but I may replace the Byrds' CD. I think I'll wait till I know how many others are missing.

Delivered before going to the movies was the android tablet from Best Buy. I plugged it in to charge it. At Fry's I almost bought a 32GB memory chip for it, but couldn't remember if I had one, and frankly didn't know what the size limit was for the tablet. Took a look at the specs when I got home, 32 is the limit. I searched all my memory stashes. only found 512M, 4G and 8G. Pulled the one out of the Samsung tablet, it's a 64.  Which may account for it not working well. Amazon had 32's for 1/3 of the Fry's price, so I ordered two.  

Plans for tomorrow:
More ripping
Watch the last quarter of the UW-Utah game. I hear it was a surprise win for my unbeaten alma mater.
If the SD cards arrive in time, configure the new tablet.
Coffee w/Janice

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