Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday Boring Sunday

Ripped a lot of CDs. I own a lot of broken jewel cases, which are intact enough to be functional storage. I'm about halfway done with Round 2. Another couple of days should do it.

On further investigation, there are two speeds of CDs out there in the wild being used for commercial disks. One is 8x, so even though my drive can do 42x, it's stuck on taking 1/8 of an hour for 60 minutes of content. With overhead that's about 8 minutes. The other speed is about 40x. This is where Physics® comes into play. In an ideal world, those would be done in a little more than 1.5 minutes, but discs are written and read from the inside ring outward. The disc spins at a constant speed, which means there is less content per second for track 1 than there is for track 10, and what I'm seeing is track 1 for those CDs starts at about 7x, but doesn't get to full speed until the end of the final track. It looks like a logarithmic  progression to me. In plain English, that means a fast CD still takes about 3 minutes to rip.

When I see a slow CD, I can play online or watch the football game.

Columbia and Sony seem to have the fastest CDs. It's also a matter of date. When I worked in Redmond doing comparative testing for media players, I bought a bunch of CDs to test with. The ones I brought from home I took back when I left the company, and have my Kirkland address on them. That was 1998-9, before the 8x barrier was broken.
For the past two days there's been something clogging my right ear. It started 2 nights ago, and today I added the mineral oil/warm water irrigation bulb to the list of remedies. It has gotten worse. Now my ear is blocked all the time, I can clear it for an instant by pushing up at the base, then pulling down on my ear lobe. Sometimes. So I called Kaiser, and they have me scheduled for an ear wash tomorrow morning.
I wanted to replay the DVR recording of the last of the UW-Utah game, but Xfinity didn't record it. It didn't record any NFL football either. I am not pleased. I'm pretty sure it's on the bedroom Tivo, though.
For lunch I made a couple of melted cheese on sourdough sandwiches, using the lactose-free Challenge butter. They came out beautifully. I don't like that the butter is in a tub, makes it hard to measure, but it tastes fine.

I tried to be exactly on time instead of an hour early for my coffee chat but somehow it only took 5 minutes to get there, so I was 10 minutes early.

She was back from Kansas homecoming, and brought me a beautiful mug from the Unicorn Theater where she saw a play. The theater and the play sounded a lot like The Pear, down the block from our usual Starbucks. I don't use mugs, so she will repurpose it.

Home, plugged in the car, took out the garbage.

Dinner was Taipei brand frozen Korean BBQ fried rice. Not bad, but it had too much broccoli. Dessert was an ice cream sandwich. Also noticed less zip in the SodaStream sodas, so I changed cannisters. That fixed it. I need to do another exchange. And buy more Diet Orange and Diet Cola.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up with the alarm
Mountain View by 9:30 for 9:45 appt
Maybe Ingress around downtown MV
Target for cannister exchange and windshield washer fluid.
More ripping

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