Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Can't Rust That Day

Because it stopped raining. Someone, probably my next door neighbor, swept all the leaves out of the gutter on our side of the street, into neat little piles on the street. And one HUGE pile went from clocking the storm drain to being a heap on the street a foot from the drain (out of the line of fire). The defective trees (the ones whose leaves can't seem to stay on) are on the other side of the street, but the leaves all blow our way. Pisses us off because they are not particularly attractive trees any time of year, and we are prohibited from planting trees on our property. These are owned by the mobile home park.

I called the advice nurse last night, and this morning had my right ear hosed down on the inside. The tech was confused when I said it didn't feel cleared after three rounds, but the 2nd opinion nurse said there was no more wax, what I'm feeling is water.

The ear did clear up, but this evening it is doing the popping thing again. I've got some cotton  in there, will see before bedtime if there is anything noxious on it.

Moved my car to the city garage, plugged into a charger and went Ingressing. Lots of portals between the city center and the library. There's a kid's sculpture group called Mr. Toad's Book Club in front of the library's back door (the rest of the area is a huge grassy park) and being Halloween, parents of toddlers brought their kids in costume (parents in costume too) for the photo op. There was also a stroller group on blankets on the lawn reading children's books to children who don't know how to talk yet.

The library also had a trick or treat route for kids to follow, dragging parental units behind them.

I went upstairs to the adult section and did some computering. My phone buzzed, Scottrade was calling, but the signal was poor so I told him I'd call back later. When I did, I got on hold music for way too long, so on my second try I left a message confirming I am moving all my accounts to Vanguard. Then I called Vanguard because they had left email asking if I needed help, because I'd started opening an account but didn't finish. The nice lady confirmed that my IRA account is open and is in the process of transferring, and she asked me a bunch of "security" questions to try to access the brokerage account,
but they were all questions I would not have picked for my account. Which explains a lot. I already sent hard copy for that account, so I told her not to worry, I can wait for that to process. It was only mailed Saturday, no way would it be there yet.

TD Ameritrade is buying Scottrade. It's a done deal. After I left Microsoft in 2000, I kept my brokerage account at Ameritrade. MSFT mailed me a certificate for 5 shares of stock which they owed me from when they bought the company I had been working for. I mailed those to Ameritrade to be added to my account. After a couple of week, I called to ask why I was not seeing them on my account. Ameritrade claimed they never received them. There's a stock clearinghouse which keeps track of all the physical share certificates, and they told me mine were at Ameritrade, and had been since the week I'd mailed them. After a lot of help from the clearinghouse, Ameritrade finally admitted they had deposited them into someone else's account. It took a couple of weeks for them to fix that. So no, I'm not staying with Scottrade when it becomes Ameritrade.

Back at the car, they have changed from free to $1/hr for charging. Boo, hiss.  

Target, got a sodastream cartridge exchanged, it took about 10 minute to find where they had hidden them, but finally found syrups, which were on sale for less than Amazon Prime. It looks like they may be doing away with those Real Soon Now. I may need to find an alternate means of sodafication.  Also bought a pair of Rainex wiper fluids.

Home, brought in the bins, plugged in the car, no mail yet and no package (expecting a pair of 32GB SD cards).

Lunch was a small meatish swedeballs, and some lime soda.

Facebooked and continued to rip CDs. I may finish tonight. Round 3 will be my classical/folk collection, which is only one row on the rack, maybe an evening's work.

I am getting very nervous about this jobless thing. The account transfer reminded me how little income tax free assets are in my brokerage account. IRA is taxed as earned income, my severance pay jacked up my tax rate, and so will social security. Thanks to Ronny Reagan, that's taxed.

Watched MNF, dinner was Marie C beef & roasted potatoes. I don't know why I bought that, I hate potatoes that are not mashed. I was multi-tasking, ripping CDs, watching football, taking laundry out of the dryer. Spook has been exploring the possibilities of the sheepskin rug. She used to sleep on it all the time, but lost the habit months ago. She is also playing with toys she hasn't touched in months. Birthday blues? Halloween is our best guess at her birthday. 3 years old.

That little toy in front is supposed to be a penguin.

The mail finally came, the SD chips were in it. USPS subcontracts with UPS apparently. I installed one chip in the new Inspire tablet, and set up the tablet. It is slower than the Samsung, but it connects to my fastest wi-fi. Hmmm. It's also pretty heavy. Now that I know why the Samsung was choking (can't handle 64GB SD chips) I may stick with it & sell the new one on eBay. Maybe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Morning breakfast ripping
NOVA by 10:45 for their Mature Worker workshop.
Maybe hook up with Nina. (?) her class ends well after mine begins, so maybe not.

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