Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Day With A Lot Of Class

Last night I broke my rule of not staying on the PC past midnight because there were only 2 CDs left to rip, and they were both of the 3-minute variety. Got to bed around 12:30. Rough count of my CD rack says ~ 240 discs processed. Round 1 was about 135. Round 3 looks to be <50.

Got up at 7:30, all the TV major channels were all about the election, I managed to get a weather report briefly on one of them as I was turning it off. They didn't mention it, but when I looked out the window, it clearly had rained a tad more than a trace last night. NOAA, however, says 0.01".

The usual breakfast, but now I'm out of HB eggs. Maybe buy more eggs at the GO tomorrow.

My allegedly cleaned out right ear is popping again. My ear lobe hurts from pulling on it. May have to see the doctor about that. No appointments available online, so I phoned, but they were no help at all. They left email for my doctor's office.

Called Vanguard because their online login refused my password, and when I talked to their support person, once again was told that my security q's were my favorite athlete & favorite actor. I NEVER choose those as my security questions. So they locked the account, and emailed me a form to mail back to them. The form says it needs to be notarized! No, not going to spend $$ to fix their error. By the time I got the email, their office was closed. Need to call them tomorrow.

In the mail was a recall notice for my car. Weirdest recall ever - it seems the frequency my car's in-dash system uses to connect to the phone app is being decommissioned, so they need to replace the modem. That's a good reason to have them check the intermittent iPod connection. And maybe do the 6-month inspection. I'll call them tomorrow.

Went to NOVA for the orientation for their new-ish Mature Worker program. It sounds like it could be helpful, but it also is blatantly a case of NOVA taking on some grant money for a program they are not really prepared to run. Instead of having a schedule, the one and only counselor assigned (part time) to the program will email evites to us. No time frame was given except for financial tutoring in January.

Since I was there, I peeked in at the Excel class, did not see Nina there. But it was a full class and he had the blinds closed, so I only had the view from the back.

And since I was there, I took a workshop class on what they are now calling Informational Meetings. Used to be interviews, but that caused some confusion. Once again, the slides did not sync with the handout. Good teacher, though. The class subject turned out to be useless for me, no fault of theirs. It based on the concept that the way to network is to cold call people who hold jobs one is interested in, ask to meet them for 15-20 minutes to learn about the job, the company, products, a typical day, etc. I won't do that. If I wanted to cold call I'd be in sales. And I already know all about that stuff for the fields I'm interested in. I didn't participate much in the exercises, my excuse being I'm not there to hand write paragraphs on a piece of paper. Her last slide showed where those forms were online - that should have been at the start so we could use laptops. Sigh.

Went downtown, Ingressed, Starbucksed, Ingressed some more and ran into massive traffic going home.

And forgot that I had left the PC on so it could upload all the tunes to the iPod.

A lot of the cover art showed up, but a lot did not. And when I signed up for a free cover art database, two of them, they only had 1 of the 5 I looked for. I may scan in some of those. Or not.

I think I'll do Round 3. Not tonight though.

Caught the bottom of the 9th of the world series game 6. Watched the Cubs try to give away their massive lead, but coach finally took out the non-closer with 2 outs, and the last pitcher threw one or two pitches, one was hit foul, but three fielders were on it, and the one who came from furthest away waved off the others and made the final out. Nobody was impressed.

Watched 2 episodes of PTI where they guessed way wrong on MNF, but right on the baseball game. Not word one on hockey.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Vanguard. If needed, close the account.
Call Sunnyvale Ford, make an appointment for Thursday if possible
Wait for Kaiser Med's call at 10
Expect Kaiser doctor call any time after 8:30
Rip some classical CDs
Grocery Outlet: eggs, Payday, maybe on sale Halloween candy, grapes

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