Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not a Good Day

I am officially depressed not feeling like I'm at a summer festival. I'm currently at Plan Q or somewhere close to it in the Plan alphabet. My dyslexia is making me kit keys in the wrong order, I ought to leave them that way but my OCD says no.

I slept a little less than okay, two extra pit stops. Hgl was 169, too high for what I'd eaten & injected. Did not take it till about 10, too late for breakfast. Called Ford to try to make an appointment for the recall, but the only openings they had were two weeks out, and I have appointments for all the dates they had open.

Call from Kaiser drug doctor at 10 was delayed when she accidentally hung up trying to connect. She spent almost an hour, but it was difficult to understand her thick Mexican accent, and we had a scratchy connection. She had no clue about insulin, and punted that to my regular diabetes doctor, who is actually a PhD in pharmacy. He's also FOB, but you can't tell over the phone. We did make a couple of minor changes. First, adding B12 to my morning meds. My last N12 test was in 2014, it was normal, but she insisted it was "low normal". No, it's well above the low. But it was from taking a multivitamin, so maybe now it's low. Who knows? She also was concerned about my daily immodium, and changed my metformin to a time release version on the theory that this will ...uh... eliminate the (now rare) cases of the runs, and let me drop immodium completely. She tried to talk me out of my 1000mg of Vitamin C, claiming that Research™ has shown Linus Pauling was wrong about that, but I looked up his bio, and told her he had lived to be 93, which as far as I am concerned, is a glowing testimonial. And I rarely get colds.

As we were talking, my call waiting beeped three different times, but there was no voicemail notification. It was from my PCP's office, which had been told not to call at 10-11. It took some doing, but Kaiser Phone Command patched me through, and doc said come right in, she will look at my ear as soon as I get there.  

That took 20 minutes, thanks to road work, traffic and stupid drivers. And every stop light possible. The nurse took my vitals, BP is a little weird - high top number, low bottom one. Doc got to me in a few minutes. Ear is infected along the canal entry. My ear canal is too narrow for her instrument to see all the way in, but it was enough for her to prescribe drops. "And nothing else goes into your ear for 10 days". I also had her look at my trauma-ed toes, and she recommended wide toe box shoes. I was not wearing those, but I had been, and the New Balance ones are what injured my toes. She gave me a flyer for Footwear, Etc.

Down to the pharmacy, they were able to bundle the new metformin and the ear drops. 15 minute wait.  Pretty fast considering the crowd. Of course the woman with the cranky baby sat back to back, with baby over her shoulder. :-(

My two prescriptions totaled $10. Yay for Medicare critical. Boo for the crappy rules AARP forced into place. I shouldn't have needed to spend $5k before my drugs became affordable for the next 2 months.

Footwear, etc.:I drove to the Sunnyvale address, which is now LinkedIn. My GPS knew the right address, but it took two U-turns and two wrong driveways to find it. And all they had were New Balance and some other brand, which she said they sold as wide toe box shoes, but they obviously are not.

Next, I stopped at the market, got some eggs, pre-cooked bacon, kippers, Payday and grapes. Heartbroken because there were no more cases of Famous Amos cookies. They had them on sale for <$10.

Home, replaced the old metformin with the new in my two daily med strips. Did 5 drops of ear medicine. Emailed my diabetes doc to please put the insulin pens back on my formulary.

Called Vanguard, complained about the notary requirement. The nice young man said there was no way around that, I said yes there is, close my account. He had no problem with that, and even knew to call Scottrade to let them know my IRA is coming back to them. Meanwhile, later this week I expect to hear from Vanguard that my brokerage account has opened. I may do the IRA again using paper forms, or I may move both accounts somewhere else. A pity, because when Dad died, Scottrade and Vanguard were the only brokerages (dad used 7 or 8) which were humane about cashing out. Vanguard even sent a condolence letter. T. Rowe Price, which my middle sister works for, was a pain in the butt, and she had to do some insider arm twisting to get them to accept the living trust. Etrade is possible. Morgan Stanley is too, though I'm not keen on all my marbles at B of A.

While I was on the phone with them, one of my recruiters called, did not leave a message, did not email. I got her voicemail when I tried to call back, but didn't bother with phone tag.

I made the mistake of turning on the World Series in time to see Cubs blow a 3-run lead in time for the 9th. And then it went to a rain delay. I haz a sad. Not going to look for a final score till tomorrow.

In one good note, so to speak, it was so boring around here that I finished Round 3, all my classical music is ripped. There were three discs missing from their cases, two were WTFs, but I think I'll re-order the Solti 50th anniversary Zarathustra with the Berlin Phil. Til Eulenspiegel and Salome's Dance are also on it. I know I had this one in the car and someone got it when I sold the vehicle. The only other CD from the 3 rounds which I'll replace in The Byrds Super Hits.

Round 4 may be filk, or it may be Thai. I have tons of Thai CDs from when I used to buy bags of demo CDs - Thailand has very competitive production houses, and they aggressively market new talent by putting out complication compilation discs with one or two tracks each from new talent, 10-20 tracks on a disc. It's the Thai modern equivalent of 45s. And when I visit Bangkok, I sometimes buy grab bags of CDs in plain paper sleeves. Legit CDs, but no money spent on marketing.

As for filk, I have the legendary lemmozine collection, a disc from caprine, a Leslie Fish, and a bunch of Kathy Mar and Zander Nyrond. Among others. Vixy & Tony's 13 is priceless because Emerald Green.

I'll burn that bridge some other time.

Made a dozen HB eggs, three older ones, the rest from today's batch. Will make the other 9 after I've eaten these. Or I may make poached eggs from some of them.

Dinner was a Marie C herb roasted chicken. My fave. SodaStream diet cola, ice cream sandwich.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go somewhere. Do something.

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