Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's Science!

Plan A happened. I was late for the express train so I didn't get to AT&T park till about 1 pm. It was a sunny day in the low 60s, perfect lab coat weather. Two big improvements over last year. One is there were many more hands-on experiments and two is someone at AT&T got a clue and made sure there were several food stalls up and running. Last year I saw none.

It was not as well attended as last year, I was able to get close enough to take pictures of all but the most popular exhibits. Those had organized traffic control. There were also a lot more women on the employee side of the science displays. I had a great chat with a young woman from SLAC on her group's search for dark matter. There were at least three exhibits which purported to be African-American woman in tech, but a closer look showed it was mostly men behind the table. OTOH there was a big gathering behind the Filipino-American women in engineering display who appeared to be just that.

Photos are on flickr [clicky] but here are a couple of favorites:

The wide field view

Lego Bay Area

Stealing home. I saw four girls pose for this, none of them know that one slides in feet first.

A very attractive orthopedic expert, displaying an artificial leg.

When the van door is open, the message changes a bit. :-)

No trip to AT&T Park is complete without a pilgrimage to the 3-peat "even years" trophy case.

The "Believen" signs are still up. Giants came close this year, but it was the Cubs' destiny.
Home on the slow local train, which was packed. The new cars are all 4 seats in a bunch, two facing the other 2, highly intrusive and uncomfortable for anyone taller than 3'8". 

Dinner was the last of my first attempt at beer battered chicken wings, and mixed veggies. And too many desserts.

Tried to watch the UW-Cal football game, but while my Huskies made some spectacular plays, they sucked on special teams and Cal faked them out on offense. They did not earn their #5 ranking by the end of the 1st quarter so I switched it off. Looking at the final score, I may watch the last half later. They got better. Way better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Just one - photographer at Automation Guy's bother-in-law's wedding reception in south San Jose. Bringing the flash, and an extra set of batteries for it. Should only need 2 camera batteries since I won't be geotagging. The GPS unit sucks battery big-time.

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