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gAME oN! And then another kind of game

When I saw the Huskies had beat Cal 66-27, I went back and watched the rest of the game. Or at least to the 8 minutes left part where the scoring ended. It was not as huge a victory as the scoreboard suggests, because most of the UW's points were scored on very long passes, and it only takes one 11-second play each possession to pile up a score.

Amazon delivered the turntable this afternoon, and it sat on the front landing for a while as I sat on the other side of the porch. Idiot drivers don't ring the bell. I only knew it was there from a text message. It came early enoough to hook it up, and test it. It plays 78s very well, and the only feature it doesn't have which I miss is the remote lift lever for the needle.

So I took out the last record which the spreadsheet says is in a wav file but I had not tagged. After playing all the untagged tunes, none of them matched the record. And I can see why. It's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 3, and it begins on side A and continues on side B. I'll have to record it from the USB connection, which means stitching both sides together in Goldwave. That was a surprise, I had not counted on a missing wav file.

Tore myself away from the computer and headed to south San Jose, to the Grand Fortune Seafood Restaurant. Automation Guy invited me to be the photographer for his father in law's wedding reception. Or maybe it's his brother in law. There was a videographer who had arranged for a jeweled white curtain backdrop complete with footlights and we did the traditional cruise ship photo session. As people arrived, they posed with the bride & groom, or sometimes just their family or just cousins. Many of the women's dresses were gorgeous. As were many of the women. AG made a point of introducing me to the single ones, including the karaoke assistant.

It was loud, all in Vietnamese, but the happy vibe was catching. AG's wife is a knockout, his 6-year-old son looked smashing in his tux. Handsome kid. There were some cute girls his age, he found it challenging to focus on just one.

no title

I took more than 300 photos, exactly 300 were left after deleting the out of focus ones and a couple which were "meh". I got at least one potential calendar photo (If I even do one this year. I may not.)

There was a many course meal with lots of yummy stuff, but I didn't get to eat much because it was awkward to move the turntable to get what I wanted, and I was getting up all the time to take photos.  I stayed till the end, got home at about 10.

Took out the garbage, had a Payday bar and a diet cola.

One PST fail - the clock in the car did not change, despite being set to automatically get its time from the GPS. All my other clocks are correct.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call my doctor, tell her the ear is better but still blocked
NOVA by 11:15 for the first Mature Worker networking session
Maybe visit the doctor or maybe an EENT specialist.
Try to match 78s to wav files


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