Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Could have been quieter

Slept well, but was up an hour early. Predictably. Emailed my doctor the latest about my ear. Auto-reply said she was out till Thursday.

11 am was at NOVA, the mature worker session was about networking, conducted by someone who thinks cold calls are the way to network. Cold calls to people who don't know you. She was willing to bend it to include email. And she used the NOVA Stupid Standard of having each of us read passages from the handout. Several of the attendees do not speak English well enough for this to be a brilliant idea. Plus, what she had us read was mostly wrong, written by someone who never heard the word netiquette.

At the end of the session she announced that for the next one she was going to try to get a visit from the manager of Trader Joe's. WTF? Most of their employees are under 25. I'll be missing that one.

Downtown, Ingressed a little, Starbucksed a little, then went home. Thought about getting a haircut but by then I was halfway in the opposite direction from Great Clips, and it dawned on me that my manicure place does hair. I'm due to get my nails done this week, I'll get a 2-fer. Maybe I'll get a dye job too.

Baby sister sent me a list of places she would like to go to, mostly gardens, when she & hubby visit for my birthday. I really didn't want them to come. It's not a good time.

Got the bill for my next year's home insurance in the mail, but it's a copy, the bill apparently is going to the mortgage company. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to pay it this year. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Sent about an hour with the photograph. There are several tracks for which I do not have 78s. Some of them are Hungarian dances, I may be able to figure them out on youtube. There was one listing on the spreadsheet which looked like a single record, but it is actually a single work on a 4-disc set. Only the first record was in the wav file. To add to the adventure, the set was designed to use an auto-loader, so disc 1 has sides 1 and 4, disc 2 has 2 and 3. You played 1 & 2, flip them over and play 3 & 4. The phonograph has line out via RCA jacks, just like my cassette player, so I moved those connections and was able to record to the PC without the hassle of a USB cable & drivers. Of course I discovered the 1-4-2-3 thing after I recorded 1 & 4 and 2 was obviously out of order. There were two sets of records like this. The second set I created separate tracks for each side.

One set which was in the intuitive order was music from a show called Csardas, and those each matched to a wav file, and a spreadsheet entry.

Put that aside, and ran my standard batch routine on the 300 wedding reception photos, which puts the massaged photos into their own folder. Opened Photoshop and cropped the first 100 photos before breaking to playback the in-progress Seahawks game. At the 4th quarter I paused that, because it was almost catching up to the live game, and did another 100. Back to the game, and Xfinity effed up again. It was set to record "auto extend" if the game ran long, but it quit with 8 minutes of playing time left in a very close game. Seahawks won, somehow, but I didn't get to see it.

Back to the photos, the last 100 were easier, since many of them only needed a splash of dodge where my flash didn't reach. Some needed nothing at all. Note to self: don't point the flash up 45°, even if you see the pros do it. Nikon's geniuses decided to disable the flash's auto-TTL setting if you pull down the diffuser lens. Stupido mucho. Most of the cropping was to compensate for the subjects not understanding they need to center themselves in front of the backdrop, and if there are more than 5 of you, that doesn't work. And there was a videographer I had to shoot around.

Way too many shots have people with their eyes closed or evil expressions, but I did get a lot of good ones.

Transferred them to a DVD, but it doesn't seem to want to load, so I put them on a USB drive instead. Just under 4GB. Now I just need to get them to Automation Guy.

Dinner was breaded fish fillets and creamed spinach. And a popsicle. Maybe tomorrow I'll go shopping. Need more frozen dinners.

Email from my doctor's stand-in saying stay the course. Her reasoning was exactly the reason I thought a specialist was in order. Sigh.

Plans for tomorrow:
Vote. As of this writing I am not planning on connecting the arrows for President/VP or my US Representative. None of the choices appeal to me. There is no lesser evil, just differently evilled, as they might say in the disabled community.
Manicure/Haircut a day early?
Chase down those last Hungarian dances.

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