Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Pizza night

Good night's sleep, Spook was in her tree bed when I started reading in bed. No early plans so I took my time. Went on FB as usual, but there was such a flood of electioneering I stuck to replies to my posts and some Onion stories. I am not listening to the radio, and am only watching DVR on the TV. Lots of electioneering commercials, but fast forward is my friend.

Walked to the polling place at about 11, on my way I met the real estate women who are going to try to sell a house across the street which spent the last two weeks being gutted and remodeled. It's still ugly on the outside, and one of the smaller units. The more I see turnover here, the more I need to find a different neighborhood. If only Thailand wasn't such a mess, I had plans to retire there next year. Not happening.

Maybe I'll look up my realtor.

No line at the polling place, which is not a surprise because a lot of my neighbors only live here in the summer, and the nearby condos are mostly non-citizens. It was a massive ballot, three legal sized sheets, both sides. I had my sample ballot pre-marked, except for one local $$ measure which was For A Good Cause™ but the bonds were worse than my mortgage - $950 mil loan for $1.9 billion and it would cost me about $30 a year in taxes.

I left two candidate races blank. Never done that before, always had at least a minor party candidate or a write-in. CA doesn't allow write-ins as such, they allow people to register up to a certain date, but it can't be someone who lost in the primaries. So no Bernie. And we had only two Democrats for my Congressional district who ran misleading attack ads for the last two weeks. They had started out talking about the issues, but then they got stupid. And since all the other parties' candidates lost the primary, they could not be write-ins. I do not like this system.

Lunch was an all-American one. Corn dogs with brown mustard, baked beans and for dessert - oreos.

Watched another episode of People of Earth It's a TBS special project, which means if you don't have cable you can't get it. The same way I can't get Netflix, or Game Of Throwns or SlowTime. The jury is still out, but I still love the production values, and they took my advice and found new and different flashbacks.

2:30 or so I got a hankering for a manicure a day early and a haircut. Guess what? They are closed Tuesdays. Harumph. So I went to Safeway instead, intent on stocking up on ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. And guess what I forgot to get? I did get the rest of my list, fruit bowls, bananas, grapes, frozen dinners. Somehow pizza came under that category, which is what I had for dinner.

Watched two episodes of Elementary and PTI.

Spent some time on the porch as it was in the 70s all day. And ran an experiment. There is one almost empty hummingbird feeder with red food coloring, and one almost full one which is clear. As I watched, three different birds approached them both, and went for the red. So I switched them. And two of them returned, and settled on the clear one. Location, not color seems to be the decider.

Finished the wedding photos and put them on a DVD and a thumb drive. And another DVD. I did a bonehead thing with the first DVD and made it read-write, which means it takes forever to load. The second one was made as read-only and is almost as quick as the thumb drive, and a lot more permanent. So I texted Automation Guy and suggested he drop by after work and pick it up. No answer. Poked him again, still no answer. Either he forgot his phone, or Something Else. He'll probably call tomorrow morning on his way to work.

Another stealth package delivery. A box big enough for a microwave, all it had in it was a wall calendar. Mail was way late, only one election flyer, for a city council seat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Youtube the last of the unidentified Hungarian dances
Manicure and haircut
Maybe finally go to Boardwalk in that mall-ette for a shake.
Look at election results late in the day
Take the "Giant Meteor" bumper sticker off the car

Car wash?

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