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Mister Eclectic

It was going to be a horrible 4 years either way

As usual, my vote didn't count. California, as expected, voted for Evita in a landslide, so it didn't matter if I voted or not. My district voted in a landslide to dump its incumbent and relatively useless congressman in favor of a smarmy, greedy vulture capitalists' lawyer. Neither of them deserved the job.

I am not looking forward to a strong Republican in the White House with a Republican majority House and Senate. And we can kiss goodbye the lame duck Supreme Court nominee.

But I'm not panicking either. The Democratic hype about Trump's finger on the nuclear button is malarkey. Idiotic. He claims to get along well with the Russian president, why would he nuke them? Hillary is much more paranoid about Eastern Europe. It's not like we have nukes aimed at Westminster Castle. And I wouldn't mind if North Korea's nuclear test facility experienced a little "incoming!" 

One good piece of news is the amazing Tammy Duckworth will be a US Senator. Follow the link if you don't know about this Thailand-born hero.

Enough politics.

Another great sleep last night, Spook snuck in sometime before 7:30 am, and stayed parked in the circular tree bed till I was dressed and on my way to the kitchen.

Managed to not hear the election results all morning. Went for my bi-weekly manicure, and added a haircut. Their TV is on The Price Is Right. and whatever other game show is after that. My nails look great, my hair is fine too.

Took a quick visit to the grocery, got the popsicles and ice cream sandwiches I forgot at Safeway, and cinnamon raisin bread and Pillsbury Grands.  Haven't had either of those treats in a long time.  It was in the high 70s, so with ice cream in the car I went home instead of stopping in at Boardwalk for a shake.

Avoided radio & TV and hung out in the shade of the porch and saw one of the feeders dripping. Weird, because it was almost empty. Went inside and filled it back up, this time using green food coloring. And I hung it where the FAILed hummingbird swing had been, close to the clear feeder, and put the swing where the leaking feeder had been on the other side of the porch. Only one bird came by as I was watching, and he went for the swing and then the clear feeder, but he only took a sip.

Called Vanguard again, and once they verified that all my IRA assets are in the account, contrary to what I'd asked on the last call, but also that the brokerage account was open and in the process of transferring assets in from Scottrade. This time the rep tried to find a way around the need for a notary, but there wasn't one. She reminded me that notary must verify my signature against a photo ID, so it's not a useless exercise. She suggested my bank probably has a notary.

So I printed out the form, and looked up BofA's info on notaries,and it said my local branch had that service. Drove to the local branch and the manager said not only don't they have that service, none of the BofA branches do, except for BofA documents. But not his branch or any of the ones nearby. He suggested the all-things-postal shop near one of my usual massage parlors. They were able to do it all: Notarize, make me a copy, overnight mail it.  

To celebrate, I went to the massage place to find it is now a Boba Tea room. A few doors down there is a brand spanking new Thai massage place, complete with a wall of Thai language certificates and a Thai/English welcome sign. There is nothing more painful in this world which ought to be pleasant than a Traditional Thai Massage. Not going there.

Decided to put the massage off till at least tomorrow.

On my way home Automation Guy called, he had left his phone home yesterday, and had family visiting from Back East last night, and meetings all morning. He said he would come over to get the CD after work.

Home, sat on the porch and the phone rang, it is a contract recruiter from Denver who had good news about a Google job (the one I want, not the 5 am part time one). They want to skip the phone screen and go for either an in-person or video interview. Monday at 10 in Mountain View was what she requested. And she will call Friday at noon to do a prep thing with me because so far she hasn't gotten a full job description. And there will be the usual inappropriate advice such as "business casual" which at Google means a baseball cap (forwards or backwards) T-shirt with something technical-looking on it, and jeans.

Automation Guy couldn't wait, so he snuck out of work and came over to get the DVD. Spook actually came out of hiding. And I showed him on my piano how Stevie Wonder would be able to play even though he's blind. But for people like me who are self-taught, poorly, it's a lot easier if your eyes work. 

Binged on the DVR. PTI, TMZ, Bold & Beautiful (my heart throb is back, and she is still trying to seduce her sister's boyfriend).

Finally went on FB and saw that Trump had won.  It was also in my Bangkok Post news feed. Thailand's PM makes Trump look like a pussycat.

Plans for tomorrow:
More DVR - Timeless and football
Massage? Maybe take light rail to S. SJ for that.

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