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I Should Check My Calendar More Often

Turns out that I did have something scheduled today. Levi's Stadium job fair at San Jose's version of NOVA. I was the first one there, was awarded a collector 2014 stadium opening commemorative scarf, still in the holographically sealed wrapper. It was just a couple of round cafeteria tables and two reps, and they were mostly looking for minimum wage workers but when I told them I had A/V cred, they pointed me at the online job page and the generic A/V worker opening(s). And one of them said she knows the hiring manager and will pass my card along. Nobody else came in while I was there. I'm not surprised.

However, when I got home there were two email messages saying I had not completed my application for usher. I apparently forgot to sign out, and someone started an usher app (maybe twice, maybe two someones). Just for grins I signed on and looked. There is a 50-question psychological profile quiz to fill out to be an usher, but it mostly boils down to "if a customer jerks you around, will you help her or kill her?"

Next came the search for a massage place. Craig's List shows about a dozen, and at least five of them sounded like my kind of place. The closest to where I was turned out to also be at the top of my list. It was new, and they didn't seem to know what they were doing, and the gang hanging out in the parking lot was off-putting.

Second try I checked my wallet before going, and that prompted a cashectomy at a B of A a couple of miles away. Behind the bank is a huge Marina Foods, so I did some surgical strike shopping, and bought too many packages of longons, a hunk of ginger root from a pile about 2' square of high quality product, and a pair of packages of my favorite brand of frozen Ha Gow. They also had nice big limes, but I have enough at home.

On to the massage place, only one person on duty, busy, come back in 2 hours. No thanks.

Third one is way up near the theatrical Friday Night pizza gathering place, I'd seen it when I went to the gatherings, but those start at about the time the massage place closes. This one was okay. Not a huge WIN, but she gave a real massage and didn't watch the clock.

It was getting toward bad traffic time, and was in the middle of kids walking home from school in herds time. And of course this is when my tummy decided that the timed release diabetes meds were no match for pizza and Pillsbury Grands and ice cream. Luckily it held off till I got home. Took two immodium and a lactase pill.

Delivered were a pair of dress boots which took way too long to get here, zip ties, and dry erase erasers. Put the box with the boots aside for now, my New Balance Velcro shoes are working out better now that I've loosened the straps. Put one eraser where I keep spares of things, and used the other to erase the note on the whiteboard which said I was expecting erasers to be delivered. And boots. And zip ties.

Took the zip ties outside and used half a dozen of them to bind up the tiki torch pole which I glued the Thai spirit house to. The straw bands it came with have dropped off. Those things were only meant to last a weekend.

While I was out there, Lee came over to chat, and we heard sirens. There was already a police car with all his lights flashing in front of #6, where Mary the 102-year-old lives. The sirens turned out to be both a fire engine and an ambulance getting lost before figuring out the address was a mobile home park, and again when they didn't know which side road they wanted. One of her caregivers who lives down the block came rushing in with a key, but the cop was already inside. My Indian across the street neighbor joined us. I had never chatted with him before, but Lee knows him well and does some of his gardening (because he and his wife are unable to, but they both love flowers and trees). It took about 20 minutes, but the firemen told us Mary was okay, she had fallen was all. 
Back inside, watched some Below Deck in which the chef gets plastered with his visiting brother, and decides his pants need to come off because they are too tight. And he is not wearing underwear. Also watched PTI and Bold & Beautiful, but as I expected, my girlfriend has been written out of the plot for a while. We're at the point where she might return, or she might become History®. Back story: She seduced her sister's boyfriend when sister was being a surrogate mom for another sister. Current story: When her sister decided to be a surrogate again, her boyfriend takes the family jet to Hawaii with her, and when they get back, sister finds them in the plane in bed together. So now sister is all "don't touch me!" and he's all "we can work this out". I don't think so. The way I see it, either she will go through with the second surrogacy, and he will win her back when she's all hormones, or he will hook up with my girlfriend and they will both leave the show.

Watched some of the football game, but it was a sucky first half so I FFed to the last 4 minutes to find I'd missed three Baltimore TDs. Not worth rewinding for.

Vanguard sent email that my online access was ready for me to reset everything. So I filled out the info, and after three pages of ID stuff it wanted my account number, which they had never emailed to me. I phoned, they asked all the questions, and gave me my two account numbers. Turns out that both of them are accessed with the same login and share Stupid Security Q's. And as I suspected, their defaults were favorite actor, favorite athlete and the third one doesn't matter because you have to get 2 right.

I punched those into Quicken, which turned out the be a mistake, because I had to delete them to remove the assets, and then manually create them, and use Quicken's UI to make the transfers, and then go online and download them.

That done, I see there is a third account, for a mutual fund, which did not show up online. Scottrade keeps cash in a non-interest stash, but Vanguard keeps it in an interest-bearing money market.

I'll wait a week for that to settle out. The brokerage transfer hasn't registered with either brokerage yet, just the IRA.

Surprise email from that start-up QA manager I talked to last week who said I didn't need to be a programmer, he would find some other way to qualify me. It was a programming quiz, a very complex one which required about 3 years of deep Python skills to even understand. I emailed back asking if I had misunderstood him, or if he had misunderstood me. At any rate, big FAIL on his part. 

Spook is happy - I dug out two of her favorite toys from behind the "visitors" recliner. It's next to the sofa, and she can actually plop down between them, but she can't reach the toys. They are golf ball sized foam balls, highly kickable and also easy for her to pick them up in her mouth and run around with.

Automation Guy called, he asked if I could make two more DVDs of the wedding reception photos for him. He also said he loved the photo label I printed. So I cranked out 5 more. I'm sure he will find homes for them all.

Household Stuff Ordering Day today. Oral-B toothbrush heads, Breathe-Right strips and kitty litter cartridges.

Plans for tomorrow:
Noon recruiter phone call to prep for Monday's face-to-face
3:30 pm ophthalmology appointment. Due to the eye stroke, I'm on a 6-month visit plan instead of annual.

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