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Went to bed early because I ran out of things to do. Only shot up 1/2 my usual insulin. I don't even know what time I got up with so bad an insulin reaction that I could not see. Total optical migraine. Stumbled to the kitchen, took a reading mostly by feel. 63. Half a pint of ice cream later it was still 63. I don't remember what else I ate. Back to bed, eventually.

Up at 7:30, dozed, read and watched videos till 11. Lunch was shrimp fried rice from frozen.

1:30, headed to the library for a master gardener's presentation. It should have taken an hour, but one loud woman in the front row thought she was there to say twice as much as the presenter, and the presenter failed to curb her enthusiasm. I left at the 100-minute mark because I had a 4 pm coffee meeting with Janice in MV.

We were both a bit out of it. Damn it gets dark early.

7-11 had a sale on chips, so I bought 2 bags, and made dip from diet sour cream, Knorr French Onion soup and diced cooked baby clam meat. It was not very good, and soon found its way to the disposal. Too much soup mix, and probably should have used leek instead of onion mix.

Reheated 2 slices of pizza and half a can of baked beans. Ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Lots of gnats. Did a tiny bit of Raid spraying, and put the main culprit - the kitchen compost container - outside. Tomorrow I'll dump the contents into the compost bin, hose it down and leave it on the garden tools rack. I think I'm done collecting compostables.

Did not watch the UW game, they lost. The score was embarrassing, considering they have averaged about 40 points a game. This knocks them out of the national championship finals.

In the mail was the long-awaited letter from Social Security, but it was not what I expected. The web site led me to believe that my first payment would be next week, but they apparently pay a month in arrears, so my "November" payment doesn't get to my bank till late December. Bummer.

Emailed my doctor about my ear. I suggested a late afternoon Monday appointment either to do another ear wash, or see her, or go to the big clinic and see an ear specialist.

Emailed my sister to let her know I have a job interview and may not be home or phone-able when she & husband arrive Monday.

Ordered some Pendaflex expansion folders to replace torn ones in my file cabinet. I think there will be some serious shredding in my future.

Plans for tomorrow:
HMB, get some sundews from the carnivorous plants place. Maybe see the ocean, maybe not.
Replace the lamp outside the front door.
Maybe transplant the dying rose bush from the rose corner to the front garden. I think the juniper bush is killing it.

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