Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just another OCD Day

With two bags of chips and at least two football games to watch, and last night's attempt at dip down the drain, my quest was for dip. My formula is simple:
Known Good dip base
A can of chopped clam meat
A couple of tablespoons of bacon bits

Mix together in a small bowl. Maybe add some clam juice. Refrigerate for half an hour (or 15 minutes in the freezer)

I was hoping I would find all three ingredients at the nearby market, because I have in the past.  Also on my list was a 60W non-CFL bulb for the front door lamp. 

Nearby grocery had dip - green onion and ranch. Ranch doesn't work (too lemony) but green onion was okay. French onion is better and French onion with bacon is best.
No bacon bits
No clam meat
No light bulbs
But I did get a package of dishwasher tablets which was on my "soon" list.

On to Lucky's, the next nearest non 7-11. They had all three but I only found the bacon bits because someone had put them in a space they didn't belong, and the light bulbs were mostly halogen, a no-no for an outdoor lamp. Did find an LED one.

Home, went to take the laundry out of the dryer to discover it was still in the washer. Put that in the dryer and started the second load.

Lunch was chips and dip. And grapes.

Watched the 49ers lose by 3 points. The defense played better than they had all year, the offense has still not figured it out. This time Xfinity's extended record feature worked, which is good because the final field goal was made with 3 seconds on the clock, a good 7 minutes past the scheduled air time.

Dinner was Marie C beef pot pie. And an ice cream sandwich.

Swiffered the kitchen. It needs more than that, frankly.

Dumped the kitchen compost into the main heap outside, hosed out the container and left it outside. Never to come back inside. At least not for that purpose. There are gnats everywhere.

Ordered four sundews and a pitcher plant from the HMB store. Shipping is about what it costs to drive there and back. Not for my electric/hybrid though. Saved me an hour round trip.

Email from Kaiser, I have an ear/nose/neck specialist appointment at the Santa Clara facility, and the doctor has the same first initial and last name as my PCP. 2:30 pm which is not as late as I wanted, but it'll do.

Email from the recruiter, disjointed and apologetic about (a) not having the address yet and (b) not putting Peace Corps/Thailand on my resume. I'm only slightly worried. I'm pretty sure it's on the street she mentioned. As long as I am in the neighborhood half an hour early I should be okay if I get the address en route. She did give me the name of her local rep, I looked her up on LinkedIn so I know what she looks like.

Watched Timeless instead of the Seahawks game. I understand they beat the Patriots, so I'll watch some other time. Timeless was about the Alamo, very well cast for the Texas famous characters. Not so well written. The director didn't do a good job with the PTSD flashbacks. There was a cast change hinted at the start of the show, which struck me as a good idea, since the hero and villain look like brothers and are not supposed to.

Took the garbage bins out to the curb. Recycle bin went out at about 7 and the garbage at 10. Also at 10 I brought out the bag of used batteries, and tried to tape it to the recycle bin, but the bin was wet. Condensation - we reached the dew point I think. No sign of rain.

Somewhere after dark I went outside, set up the tripod and took some photos of the full moon. It looked like a normal sized full moon, maybe a bit brighter. Where I live we don't see it till it had been up for an hour, so no huge harvest moon effect. I wish setting up a telescope wasn't such a PIA.

Watered all the gardens. Some of the Bee's Friend plants have started to flower. Bees have already found them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 7:30
Check mail at 8:30
leave at 9 for Google
Interview at 10, probably just one person for one hour
Kaiser by 2 pm
Sister & brother-in-law whenever.

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