Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oy, such a day I had today!

Up at 7:30 while I was in the shower (8-ish) contract rep in Denver called with the address of this morning's interview. It was not on the street she had mentioned Friday, but at the main Google campus. Left home at 8:55, traffic was a breeze until 2 exits before, then it was a parking lot. No way to turn right where I needed to, had to turn left, go a mile and make a U-turn, which was a 5-minute wait for the light. Got there, found parking in the lot which was designated for the building I was going to, but the sign was wrong. LONG walk to the building, and as I was walking, local contract rep called, it's in a building on the other side of campus. She met me there. 9:45, not bad for a 10 am interview.

Interviewer was on time, but we walked across campus to yet another building and found a tiny room barely big enough for two.

Very pleasant talk, I enjoyed it a lot, except for blanking out at a video format question I should know intuitively. Way too long out of work, I couldn't remember what I used to look at every day for 5 years. She is the amazing person I found on LinkedIn, PhD in particle physics at CERN "that was a long time ago" volunteer work in Cambodia ("I was only there 4 months"), and we discovered that the Tivo project I worked on the month I was there was hers.

The job is exactly what I want to be doing. I don't like that it's a contract, well below my usual rate, but it's well above zero. I really hope I get this.

Got to the nearest Starbucks (the one I meet Janice at) and realized (a) I had not checked out - still had my visitor's badge and (b) I had forgotten my jacket. Called local rep, but she had left the area, so I went back to Google where I had checked in, they directed me to the building I was interviewed in and a security guy walked me to the interview room which someone was using to do a video conference, and got my jacket for me.

Back to Starbucks, mocha & criossant, some very nice eye candy at my table. Then home, lunch was 4 slices of cinnamon raisin toast with lactose-free butter and diet cola.

Unwound in the recliner until 1:30 then off to Kaiser for the ear doctor appt. She is a tall caucasian, so I'm guessing Chang is her married name. Probably not related to my PCP whose last name is also Chang, and looks it.

Long story short, there was fungus growing in my ear. She siphoned out a lot of gunk, and dosed it with gentian violet. And I have one job: keep it dry. So shower with a vaselined cotton ball in the ear. Return visit in a week.

Home, vegged out again, waiting for sis to call/text. Finally heard from them after 5, they would be here soon. Soon was 45 minutes.

Took them downtown Sunnyvale to Thai Basil, had a really good meal, got to speak all Thai to the manager & waitress. Manager claimed it was not Loy Kratong, which was odd. She said the next festival is April, which is right. On the way out she wished me health and happiness using an ancient phrase. Very honored.

Home, the three of us managed to scare Spook into some hidey hole. Did the car swap thing (they had parked in my carport and I drove my car to dinner).

Delivered was a pair of funny T-shirts from Baltimore sister

And in the mail was a new Medicare card, for no apparent reason. I already have two.

Automation Guy called, he wanted to come over tomorrow at lunchtime to get the DVDs, but it will have to wait till Thursday.

Plans for tomorrow:
10-ish, with sis and maybe brother-in-law to the community garden. She had some other gardens on her list, but we'll play that by ear.
Brother in law is planning on taking a 44-mile bike ride up to skyline from Palo Alto and back down to Sunnyvale (he thinks) but the map says he's going to end up in Mountain View.
Whatever we end up doing

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