Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This Is Not The Birthday You Are Looking For

Spent most of the day royally pissed off. Overnight, without asking me, sis changed her plan from waiting for hubby to finish his bike ride, both of them come to my place and we would tour the community gardens together. Gardens are only open one day a week - today - from 10 till 1. New plan was for me to drive 10 miles to Mountain View and pick her up at 10:30 at the bike rental place, she would leave their car there for hubby. He would join us whenever.

Then there was a text saying to make that 10:15. So I left early, planning to be a couple of minutes late so she would be parked and there to pick up. As I approach the place, she texts that she will be late. There is no place to park for blocks, I'm already mad that I agreed to driving all the way out there just to drive most of the way back home, so I phone and tell her I'm done, I'm going home.

I figure she can wait for hubby, and then resume plan A.

Instead she drives to the gardens without either of us.

And then goes for a lap swim.

When she finally phones, I tell her go have lunch and swing by afterward to see my garden. I'm still pissed that it's my birthday, but she made it all about her.

They do swing by, but it's 3 hours later. I give her the tour, but by then next door neighbor is not available to meet her and show her around her gardens better than I can.

I invite them inside, we talk for a couple of hours. Baltimore sister calls to sing happy birthday, and we make it a speakerphone event.

Spook is hiding under the futon in the guest room, and refuses to come out. Appears like she is scared of Len's voice.

Delivered were breathe-right strips and a box of carnivorous plants. Sis is fascinated, I show her the ones I already have in the kitchen and she sees they have caught gnats and tiny flies. And she accuses me of inheriting Mom's plant-o-philia. I'm in denial. Mom could make anything grow. I can keep anything on life support until it pleads for euthanasia.

Phone rings, it's some unknown number in Oklahoma so I send it to voicemail.

About 6 or so, I feign "fading" and send them off to dinner. I have my own plans, and they include lobster, and I don't want them to treat me to that.

7:30 I head toward the local Chinese/Vietnamese seafood restaurant, but change my mind and add steak to the menu. Black Agnes has prime rib & lobster tail for less than a body part or even a firstborn offspring. I passed by Pacific Fresh, remembering my last lobster fiasco there.

Phone says there is voicemail, it's the recruiter for yesterday's interview, asking me to call her any time tonight. I call, and she says they want to offer me the job. I accept, and tell her yes, she can tell her boss to tell Google. Did not ask when they want me to start, I guess I'll have email tomorrow about that.

Dinner was excellent, service was 20% tippable. My only gripe is service was all men, all in black.

Short stop at Safeway for eye drops, band aids for my big toe (lost a nail) and Mac's ear plugs (ear doctor's suggestion for shower time. Vaseline on a cotton ball was messy).

Home, Spook is making crying baby noises and scratching at my chair, but I am not putting up with it tonight after her hiding act.

The contract means I will probably change my Conflikt plans to fly up and back instead of Amtrak, and only go for the weekend. Probably Fri-Sun. But I can wait on that till I know for sure.

I've made my Monster and Dice profiles invisible, and updated my LinkedIn headline to not say I am looking.

Plans for tomorrow:
Whatever contract paperwork,etc. is needed
Fake the rest.

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