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Wait A Minute - This Isn't Thursday?

It was a long week the last two days. I woke up thinking it was Thursday. When recruiter called I was already up - and dressed.

It was the longest application process I have ever seen. First there was a multi-page NDA and assorted "all your base belong to us" forms to fill out for the place where I will be working. And then close to two hours filling out forms on the contract agency site, which culminated in the I9 (federal program to pretend that all workers are here legally). Talked to recruiter to find out who would be checking my ID (it needs to be done in person)  and mentioned I was free today, but had a class tomorrow morning so it would have to be after 1 pm if it was then.

And of course they made it for 10:30 am tomorrow.

Which is when I realized I had said Friday I had a class, and tomorrow is Thursday. But I thought tomorrow was Friday when I said it.

So that was my morning.

Until I actually have the offer in writing I'm not saying where or what the job is. Suffice to say the location is very close as the crow flies, but that flight is over the salt flats and marshlands and then up and over an old landfill which is now a park with walking trails. The job is exactly what I did at Netflix, but with 5 years' newer tech and a boss who is a pleasure to talk to. And I am flabbergasted that they skipped all the email/phone/video chat screenings and went straight to in-person, and made the offer the next day.

After that was done, lunch was not cinnamon raisin bread for a change, it was mac and sliced turkey franks and goat brie mac-n-cheese. With bubbly mineral water sis left with me. And ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Had some grapes and longans later in the day.

Watched portions of the Seahawks win over the Patriots, and if anyone asks, the no-call of pass interference which might have tied the game was on Gronk, and had he not shoved the defender away, he probably would have caught the ball. His acting job afterward was weak.

DVR got a workout. Elementary teased us with a character from months ago who should have been a recurring bit every episode but has not been. I personally don't know why they didn't 86 her after the first appearance. The character is difficult to write, and their writers are not doing a good job of it. The actress playing the part is also not really getting it. But this week it's just a tease, with a promise, easily broken, of more to come.

Mars on NatGeo is trying to be a docu-drama and I really would rather see just the drama (a small group of astronauts from a fictitious Euro-based international space agency lands on Mars and faces crises in order to survive) and not the docu (Elon Musk and some of his engineers repeating the need for reusable rockets). It has the expected stellar production values, not so much for the writing and acting, and they have 10 demerits for pretending that the helmets are airtight when they have actually removed the face plates to make it easy to tell which character is which.

Dinner was Marie C roast chicken.

Spook spent most of the day in the guest room closet. I had shut my bedroom door last night, my response to her not coming out to meet the guests. Usually when I do that she sticks close to me but not today.

Sis had brought a present for her - a pair of knitted or crocheted balls about the size of tennis balls. The aqua one has catmints in it, the burgundy one is smaller and does not. Spook chose the burgundy one to play with first. She batted the catmints one a little, but then she went back to two of her long time favorite balls to race around with.

#6 has a couple of workers re-doing the dirt retaining wall behind the house. They pulled out all the wood slats and posts, and have been carving into the wall. And they have a doberman not on a leash, not under voice control, which pooped on my driveway when I went outside to shoo it away. They eventually cleaned up after it, but didn't put it on a leash. If it's there tomorrow, I'll call the manager and have him send someone to chat with them. Dogs are not supposed to be out, even on a leash.

Medicare sent me another card the other day. I didn't see anything different from my other two, so it has been sitting on the counter. Finally looked closer and they changed the last character of my account number from T to A. Probably a reflection of my SS status.

More DVR - Below Deck is becoming increasingly inane. Captain seriously needs to rotate in a new deck crew. And the chef needs some saltpeter in his chow. And some Prozac. PTI is always a hoot.

Technically, today is the day I became a year older. Yesterday was my birthday, but I've been completely around the world once, going west, which means I gained a day crossing the International Dateline, and never gave it back. I've since crossed that line several more times, but each of those trips I came back over it going east. 1975 SFO to BKK, 1977 BKK to Israel via Teheran and Delhi and then Paris, London, NYC and Seattle.  
Used a brilliant free program called Mp3tag to translate the filenames of the 78s mp3 files into Get Info which iTunes can parse. Now all the 78s tracks I want to have on my iPod are there, tagged and sorted the way I want.

Next in that project will be Thai CDs, but only a few. Tata Young, Ploy, Bua Chompoo, Rose Sirinthip, New&Jew...
Plans for tomorrow:
Pot the carnivorous plants
I9 ID at contract agency

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