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Moving Right Along

Spook was in the tree circle by my bed when I woke up this morning, and her dark blue & black squishy golf ball was on the bed. I guess I slept through her playing with it on the bed.

Got up with the alarm, it was cold outside - below 50 - and while the weather station on the Bose radio said it was 70 indoors, I'm sure it wasn't. The radio adds a few degrees.

Back to using vaseline on a cotton ball to keep my ear dry in the shower. Tried the Mack's ear plugs, but they don't form a seal. After shower, changed the bandage on my big toe. There's no nail...

10:30 I was at the contract agency and the nice lady went over the time card routine with me, which she didn't need to because I have worked for them before and it is all in the email they sent when I filled out the forms. She made copies of my driver's license and passport card, and she said they have already started the background check.

She also gave me another copy of the pay rate agreement, and it is missing a start date and a stop date. I think we have missed the window for Monday, so probably the one after T-Day. I wouldn't mind starting tomorrow...

Headed for the nearest Starbucks, which turns out to be one of my favorite ones. It first opened when I was working at Sony on 1st St., it's at the corner of Trimble. Walking distance for a bunch of companies, and at lunchtime there was a steady stream of eye candy. Mostly "to go", so I was able to snag an indoor table and do some email and stuff on my laptop.

Invited Automation Guy to come over after work and pick up his DVDs, and he accepted, but later bailed. He has a cold. I sent messages to one of the former co=workers and ex-boss that I landed a contract. They are both still looking, and not getting any bites. :-(

I'm not releasing any details until I get a start date.

Home, idiot next door worker was playing catch with his doberman in the middle of the street, but he put the dog in the truck when he saw me. They didn't get much work done today.

Caught up on TMZ. Set my DVR to record a special they did back in September which is airing tomorrow night. They are doing a series where they visit the home of a famous person and ask for the stories behind photos and memorabilia they find around the house. Their first subject was Trump. It sounds fascinating.

Spook spent most of the day in the guest room closet, which is pretty sick, so I re-arranged the furniture so I can close the door, and when she joined me in the office and went to sleep in the cat tree, I closed the guest room door. I used to keep it closed, but that changed when cousins & older sister stayed over.

Had some chips & dip as an appetizer and then a Marie C too-many-potatoes beef dinner. Longons for dessert.

A little before 5, a fellow from Silicon Valley Foundation rang the bell, he's representing PG&E's (power & gas company) program for low income seniors which will do a bunch of things for free to make the house more energy efficient. My letter saying I'm getting Social Security qualified me. I suppose being unemployed helped too. He wasn't sure if my fridge was old enough for the free replacement, but after he left I looked at the application, and it says it needs to be 1999 or older, and mine has a 2004 copyright notice on the serial number sticker, so I guess not. My dishwasher is new, so is my freezer. It didn't mention washer/dryer, probably because those are not on most of the time. I think my water heater is fairly new too, though I could use a bigger capacity one. It's not big enough to fill my bathtub with hot enough water.

We made an appointment for Wednesday for inspectors to come out and scope the place. They will check all the gas lines and appliances, measure the doors for weatherstripping (and they will have to true the doors to do that, which is great). The way this place retains heat in the evening I don't think they will find a need to add insulation. But there may be - the plumbers had to rip some out when there was a water leak under the house last year. If I'm working Wednesday, they can slip it to Saturday.

Emailed one of my references and got invited to Thanksgiving dinner. Yay!

The DVR is currently paused at halftime in tonight's football game, and while I was fast forwarding through commercials, one of them was so different I rewound and played it again. I keep the center speaker turned way down so I don't have to hear the inane shouting chatter of the booth bozos, so when I played the commercial, what I heard was the background music. It is, I think, a very pretty song, sung touchingly, and it fit the story the commercial tells.

Turns out it is a Bob Dylan song, recently made popular by Adele (who sings it like an automaton) but the version in the ad is by a group called Sleeping At Last.

Finding it on Youtube, the ad has some dialog which it doesn't really need. It certainly doesn't need the marketing tag.

And here's the music (scroll down for lyrics):

Yes, I know. I am an incurable romantic.
So now I have their two "Covers" CDs on order. Amazon only has the mp3s.

Somewhere in there I potted three of the five carnivorous plants, two were destroyed in shipping. I'm not sure there even was a plant in one of them, it was so tiny.  Spook yelled at me as I did it, I was using the kitchen table which is kind of her territory. She thinks. I put a salmon flavored meat stick on top of the office tree, and she gobbled it up on the spot  -- a couple of hours later.

Now that the election is over, I removed the Giant Meteor bumper sticker from the car and put it on the fridge.

Back to the football game after I am done here.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am NOVA for the mature worker program. I skipped the last two because they were irrelevant, and am only going to this one to laugh. It's on how to hide the fact that "you iz OLD" from potential employers. In my line of work, that's more of an asset than not. But I know it was an issue for my dad. Or, rather, he didn't apply for jobs based on his newly earned masters in economics because he expected to not be able to compete in his late 40s with his 20-something classmates. Come to think of it, he never tried.

Hopefully hear from the contract agency about a start date.

Maybe Automation Guy will come over for his DVDs.

Watch the Trump interview (?)

Maybe see a movie. Dr. Strange?

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