Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Coming Down

Spook did what I hoped and spent most of last night in the bedroom, since she can't get into the guest room. But she spent some of it in the closet.

Automation Guy called as I was about to get dressed, so that was delayed. Unsubscribed from some more job site email. By the end of the day I had nuked the auto-reply on my job search email address, and changed my voicemail to The Standard Greeting™ with just my number.

11 am was at NOVA for another mature job seekers' session. This one was how to sidestep interview questions which were hidden ways to ask for age. I don't think the exercise was useful at all, because just being at the interview shows roughly how old you are.

The leader split us into groups of 3, which was silly, but my little group went off on our own tangent and helped each other with different interview gotchas. I hit it off with one woman, who appears to be single and is definitely smart and attractive, and iconoclastic. She said I could be a model, especially if I grew my beard out. And she liked my voice. So I gave her my card.

And she pointed out on my card that "vaporware" now has a whole new meaning. :-)

After class I couldn't get the car to start, and getting the hatchback door unlocked took a few tries. This means the battery in the key fob is dead. It has happened to me before, but the last time there was enough warning to put in a new battery before leaving home. I called roadside assistance, but Ford's providers will gladly jump a car battery or tow me, but they won't bring a $3 coin battery. After the initial WTF wore off, I remembered I was not too far from a Target store, so I walked the half mile there, and another half mile to the back of the store where they have the specialty batteries hidden in the electronics section. Popped out the old, installed the new - at one of the food court tables - and walked back.

And it didn't work.

I kind of thought that might happen. I had bent the battery a bit prying it out of the hermetically sealed card. But this was a 4-pack, and there was enough juice to get the door open, so I grabbed the scissors from the glove compartment and cut open one more plastic pouch. Lather, rinse, repeat. Still no workie. So I pointed the phone at Youtube and found video instructions, and lo and behold the label inside the fob which says the negative side of the battery goes down is wrong. FU very much, Ford. Reversed it, and was on my way again.

Downtown, Ingressed a little, then Starbucks for about an hour, then home.

No word from the contract agency, so I won't be starting Monday. That means I can go to the ear doc. Also probably means I won't be starting until after T-day.

Watched some TMZ and B&B - the latter has again abandoned their entire people of color cast. It's all white again.

Channel surfed a bit, watched the local news, which reminded me how not-news it is.

Automation Guy came by after work for his DVDs and I told him about the new job.

It's been chilly out, and I think I'll blame my fast walk through the chill to Target and back for this cold which has been sneaking up on me. It has resisted DayQuil, home made chicken soup and Southern Comfort. Here we are only 8 pm and I think I will hit the sack.

Plans for tomorrow:
If I'm still sick, stay in bed or in the recliner & hydrate
If I'm feeling better, see the pre-Potter movie and Dr. Strange. They are predicting rain.

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