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Went to bed with a cold coming on, woke up many times for cough drops. The Hall's sugar-free menthols are my favorite, and up till now I have unwrapped them and thrown the paper wrappers away without looking at them. But last night, I noticed there was writing here and there amidst the somewhat hypnotic pattern:
You've survived tougher
Seize the day
Don't waste a precious minute
Don't give up on yourself
Be resilient
Dust off and get up
Conquer today
Go get it!
It's yours for the taking
Hi-five yourself
Don't wait to get started
Get back in the game
Flex your "can do" muscle
Fire up those engines!

The above were from only 4 wrappers.

A dose of Nyquil helped. So did Afrin. And a dab of Monkey balm. Speaking of which, in a post a while ago I said it was just menthol, but while dabbing I dropped the container and on the bottom it lists the ingredients:

Methyl Salicylate
Eucalyptus oil
Cinnamon oil
Peppermint oil
Clove oil

No wonder it's so effective!

Spook was in and out of the bedroom a lot. She slept next to my feet until I rolled over that way.

Woke up at 7, waited till the 7:30 alarms just so I could turn them off right away. Listened to the weather report which erroneously reported it was raining in Sunnyvale**. At about 9 I got up to look, lots of wind & clouds but no wetness. Did some online stuff before going back to my morning routine.

Still no news from contract agency.

The cold stayed with me, so what with the weather I decided to stay home and drink plenty of liquids. Lots of football on TV and lots of programs on the DVR.

Took a quick trip to the garden to pick some mint, and made tea. At first just a cup, but then I found my glass teapot & mesh teaball, so I filled the latter with mint leaves and the former with hot water, and lived off of that for most of the day.

No real lunch, but bits of this and that throughout the day. Cup 'o' noodles, Famous Amos cookies, Oreo Thin chocolate filling, Kind bar, ice cream sandwich, fudgesicle, cinnamon raisin bread, PNB&J sandwich, longons. Dinner time I switched to iced lime soda (fresh squeezed lime juice) and mixed the leftover quinoa with the leftover chicken soup - Yum! I am still amazed how much I like that birdseed.

Watched Michigan State almost beat Ohio State, Maryland reptiles flail in front of the Nebraska Cornsuckers,  the end of the Oregon-Utah match, Colorado beating Wazoo, Michigan slipping by Indiana much less handily than expected, the end of the Big Game and the Axe going back to Palo Alto. The DVR failed to record my Huskies, but they clobbered AZ State without my help, 44-18. Looking at the box score, it is clear the UW has a very weak 3rd string defense.

Also on the DVR was Timeless, in which we discover that [Spoiler (click to open)] the USA has from its inception been run by a secret entity called Rittenhouse, and  none of the team can be trusted. And the Bad Guy has taken a giant step towards becoming the not-so-bad guy. One of the this-episode-only characters is played by the somewhat unknown Tiffany Mack, who is both sexy & a good actress. As usual, the writers don't make anyone's job easier. Costumes are a bit off as well. There are apparently 4 episodes to go.

Two episodes of PTI, one of TMZ and as promised Objectified: Donald Trump which is a TMZ production recorded in September in Trump's penthouse home. The production values sucked, and Harvey Levin harped on a couple of things ad nauseam, but he brought out a lot of Trump's background which never made it to the surface during the campaign. No bluster here.

It appears this will be the only episode of that. Ms. Pantsuit declined their offer.

Facebook is all aspew with my theater friends cheering the cast of Hamilton staying onstage after the curtain call and lecturing the VP-elect on their values. Personally, I was disgusted they did that. The guy came to see your show, which is clearly way out of his comfort zone. If you want to preach, do it on your own time. 
Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on this cold.
Maybe see a movie
Maybe stay home till coffee w/Janice
Sunday, lots of football. 49ers get a chance to whup the Patriots.

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