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Working from home today. My cold must not be so bad because the cats are ignoring me. Pumpkin is asleep on the padded window ledge seat in the computer room, and I have no idea where Domino is, probably downstairs on the cat perch by the front window.

I actually have been working, between naps. Installed update patches on two machines in Iowa, answered several messages from Oregon, and closed a couple of old cases as well.

Have a lunch date at 1 with localinactivist so I guess I should put some clothes on sometime soon. Will also drop off crowblog's T-shirt at the PO, next to where I'll park for lunch.

If I feel up to it, Ill go to the office from there. The cold is all in my sinuses -- no tummy issues, no sneezing or coughing so I am probably not contagious.

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