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This'll Be Quick

Spent the whole day with a cold. Stayed in bed till noon. Chicken soup for lunch. A couple of gallons of hydration - soup, lime soda, mint tea. Snuck in a couple of fudgesicles because they felt good.

Surfed between football games, but not much was on in my zone. Saw the 49ers do their usual better-than-expected first half, and then phone it in. Seahawks game was only the last 4 minutes, they had already buried the other team. Dallas beat Baltimore as expected. I am please that Tony Romo made a gracious speech that he supported his former backup, who is now the starter.

It rained pretty hard for a couple of hours in the afternoon. NOAA says we only got 0.3 inches in 24 hours. Whatever it was, I don't need to water the gardens for a couple of days.

Was supposed to meet Janice at 5, but she texted to make it 5:30. I got there a few minutes before, took back roads because of the rain. Turns out my car's tires spin when taking off from a complete stop. I should mention that to my dealership.

My nose was stuffed up, and when the iced tea ran out my cough started up, but we were already later than usual.

Home, with a stop at the local grocery for soup fixings. I already had chicken thighs, parsnip, carrots and soup seeds. Got onion, leek, celery, peeled garlic cloves, green peas with small onions, mushrooms and I forget what else. Plucked some basil leaves and Thai lime leaves and a bay leaf.  The big pot is now simmering on the stove, and will be all night. Not covering it because it would boil over. I hate when that happens.

Plans for tomorrow:
Noon ear doctor appointment
Hopefully I'll hear from the contract agency about when I start work.
MNF - Raiders are playing

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