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Plan A achieved. With the help of a rare evening dose of Sabra followed by a rarer dose of Malibu and some Robitussin and Afrin I was able to get to sleep around 1 am and stay in bed till almost noon.

Only went outside to get the mail & unplug the car.

Facebooked a lot, mostly scrolling past an alarming number of rumor-based fear postings.

Played a lot of DVR backlog. Elementary was more convoluted than usual. At least two actors look to either be dropped, or given larger parts. Hard to tell from the way their scenes ended. B&B has not brought back my heart throb, but they did bring back the two black characters closest to hers, with a possible holiday reunion. TMZ was mostly rapcrap. I bailed after 15 minutes. PTI had an amazing T-day spread on the desk, with a massive shout-out to the restaurant which provided it. All I have left to watch is Timeless.

Yet another call from the Denver contract rep. I yelled at her, it was so stupid. I think she dropped the ball, so I forwarded all the documents to the local rep, the one I met at the interview, and her response confirmed my suspicions that Ms. Denver had not sent them to her. I should have been able to start yesterday, but instead, I have to wait till December, which is the next chance for the orientation session. At 8 am.  On a Monday. Miles from the HQ. At least I have a start date.

Chicken soup for lunch, the last of the frozen stash. Marie C honey roasted chicken for dinner, which was a mistake - Honey roasted is a slab of breast meat (which I hate), I meant to buy Herb roasted, which is pieces of dark meat. Lactaid ice cream and a Kind bar for dessert.

Did two small loads of laundry - all the master bath mats, and stripped the bed for the second load. Spook has some kind of radar, wherever she is and no matter how asleep, she always appears on the bed when I'm trying to strip it, and again when I'm trying to make it. Every time. It's uncanny.

Digging out paystubs prompted me to get some of a project done. A few of my larger file folders were missing the hanger hooks or torn, or both, so I replaced all the broken ones in the payroll/benefits/expense reports drawer. That's the bottom drawer. The next drawer up is fine, it's just tax records, one folder per year. 2nd from the top probably needs some re-do. My cats folder should be split into two folders, and also my rent folder. The top drawer needs some re-thinking, it has all the stuff about the house from the previous owner, a lot can be thrown away and I should separate out mortgage receipts from everything else.

Two dishwasher loads in 2 days, the heating elements are not working. Went into my email, it appears I paid for a 3-year warranty, 1.5 years ago. Called Home Despot's service line, they robotically shunted me to GE service, which robotically set up an appointment for a week from Thursday afternoon.

I can't believe it is only Tuesday. Feels like Thursday. At least the cold appears to be under control.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am be up & showered & dressed and wait for PG&E to show up for the seniors energy makeover inspection. I don't expect to get much out of it, but if they replace the kitchen overhead fixtures that will make it worthwhile.
Maybe some porch time
Maybe some reading
More chicken soup
More Lactaid ice cream

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