Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

T minus one

Woke up at 7, Hgl was 69, so I Klondiked and then got showered and dressed and medicated. After I was done with my morning online, I wasted time till the energy saver guy showed up. The window was 9-1, he showed up at 10. He didn't tell me his name, didn't leave me a copy of his work order, and his English was terrible. He kept wanting to replace all my CFL bulbs with his smaller CFL bulbs. He had no idea what he was supposed to be doing, he only knew he had a quota of bulbs and if he didn't install them it would look bad on his record. I did let him replace the laundry room and hallway tungsten fixtures. He wanted to leave the old ones with me. As if PG&E can't recycle them. He finally agreed to take them with him. He also wanted to replace my shower heads, even though he could see they were new. Ditto the power strip for my entertainment unit. He did spray some leak detector on the furnace gas intake and the water heater's.

He was supposed to check out the stove and weatherstrip the doors, but he said he would do that next week. There was not supposed to be a next week. After he left I called the original rep and told him what happened, and he said the rush was because of the holiday, and he would try to get someone else out here earlier than the Thursday the idiot scheduled. Turns out they won't deal with the kitchen overheads, even though there are LED replacements available.

I was all prepared for another day of indolence, when I realized at about 2 pm that today was manicure day. My timing was good, they took me right away.

Then I spent the rest of the day being indolent.

Until about 5 pm, when I had a brainstorm - I could make bourbon balls for tomorrow's dinner. I had been at a loss for something to bring. So a short trip to Lucky's for Nilla wafers, cocoa powder and corn syrup. I had the powdered sugar, walnuts, Jim Beam & vanilla. Put on latex gloves to mix it by hand, glad I did. The first batch was too dry, added more bourbon till it was at the right consistency. It only made a dozen, so I whipped up another batch. Not nearly enough nilla wafers, and too much liquid. way too wet. Smashed up a lot more wafers but never really got the paste I wanted. But it made enough for the party. With my luck everyone will be allergic to chocolate & walnuts. I know at least three of the guests won't have a problem with the booze.

The friend who invited me (dinner is at his brother's) sent me the address. I had the wrong one from years ago. Odd because I now remember being at the current place. Janice lives in the same complex, different building. Friend also suggested I bring ice cream. I'll stop off somewhere on the way to get that.

Almost went out to get some tonight, but it was too close to local grocery closing time, and most of the stores will be open till noon tomorrow. Glad I didn't go, my immodium-free experiment failed due to tonight's pizza dinner. It could have been embarrassing.

Watched B&B. No heart throb at the big dinner. That part of the cast was uninvited. :-(

Below Deck was the continuation of a meltdown. The head of the crew made some stupid mistakes which stranded the cruise guests on the beach for hours. This guy has screwed up something on every charter, and any other captain would have found a replacement by now. Probably harder to do on a reality show.

Timeless was the worst one yet. The bad guy plants an explosive on their time machine, and it damages some circuits. The nerd pilot says he needs a capacitor, and they are stuck in the 1700s. French & Indian War. They sneak into a French fort, where he manufactures one in the blacksmith shop from some objects we are not shown clearly - except there is a wine bottle which he melts enough to carve a slice out of. Or maybe it was a whiskey flask. He said he needed foil. I know how to make a capacitor, but there was nothing they showed which would have been even close. He did forge a patch for the hole the explosive made.

Anyhow, they suddenly have him and the genius East Indian woman at home base in love with each other. Not a hint in any of the earlier episodes.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning stuff
Grab the bourbon balls, stop off for a tub of vanilla ice cream and go to the T-day dinner place
Maybe stop in and see Janice before (she leaves at 3)
Home and watch what football was recorded

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