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As planned, took my time getting out of bed, did Stuff until 11, then put the bourbon balls in a bag with an ice pack, Grocery Outlet for vanilla ice cream and cool whip, then to the party, half an hour too early. Should have visited Janice, but hung out in the car instead.

Got to the host's at noon, no one else showed up till 12:30. Boring. The rest of the crowd had carpooled from L's place.

Very nice dinner, took a while to get started, lots of techie talk between the guys. L's wife was pretty bored with it. Very surprised to see the slender bride from a year ago is now as large as her husband. I didn't recognize her.

Everyone said they liked the bourbon balls but nobody took any home with them, so I guess not. Host already had ice cream and cool whip, so I came back home with most of what I'd brought, none of which should I be eating. Probably not appropriate to donate any of it to a shelter or food bank.  :-(

Party broke up at 6. One of the highlights was the traditional Call to Mom. Host & L are brothers, the one other guest and I met Mom at the wedding, and of course L's wife knows her. Mom is British, so Turkey Day holds no significance for her, though she has lived in Oregon for decades.

Home, did some research for Janice on something called a G box. As suspected the box is legal, the app to allow it to stream current in-theater movies is not. One of her friends has been doing that for a while now, and I doubt if friend cares. I haven't heard of any FBI arrests. They have better things to do, like checking politicians' email.

Watched the first 3/4 of the Steelers/Colts game, then FFed to the end. Colts were completely outgunned. They tried hard to the end, but it was like watching china plates thrown at a stone wall.

Second dinner was a bowl of chicken soup, because it was there. Also there, but soon to go into the fridge, is a pot of jasmine flower tea. I have these lovely and very expensive Chinese jasmine tea wraps which bloom when they are in a pot of hot water. I have a small glass teapot which displays them perfectly. But I prefer iced tea to hot tea, so...

Online, ordered more syringes and insulin pens from Kaiser. Also on order are two sets of the 2016 US Mint quarters. One for me one for youngest sister. Somehow I missed the announcement earlier in the year, and only found out when they released the very expensive silver set.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home Depot, buy a pair of LED lamps to replace one set in the kitchen. It will be a very short visit because they go into full Jesus song mode tomorrow.
Haul the ladder in from the shed and try to overcome my vertigo and replace the lamps
Petsmart, Spook's favorite treats in the family size container are no longer cheaper online. Most stores only carry the packets.
Maybe a movie?

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