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Profit Friday

Sometimes American marketing infuriates me. The name for today's sales is one of them. I was raised on Black Tuesday being the trigger for the Great Depression, so the name they have for today has the opposite from the intended effect on me.

Another thing is "The cloud". It's idiotic. From the beginning of Internet history, any diagram showing hardware which communicated with distant hardware over the Internet showed the two pieces of hardware, each connected by dotted line to a nebulous cloud-like scrawl. The scrawl was meant to show that we didn't care which routers and switches the internet signals had to go through, and that is because the Internet was designed to be open, with a consortium of tech companies and higher education centers all agreeing to pass any signals from point A to point B which wandered through their territory.

It is not a "cloud". It is just drawn that way, kind of.

Nothing is stored there. Everything is stored on the devices dotted line connected to it.

So I went shopping several ways. PetSmart for cat treats as planned. They were on sale 2 for 1. Yay! Saved about $10. Paid full price for cat food, but saved 20% by buying the medium sized bag instead of the small one.

Home Depot had three brands of LED bulbs for fluorescent replacement, but the display was a mess, and it sounded from the labels on the packages like I would have to disable the ballast to install them, which is not what my one friend who has installed them told me. For questions they referred me to the pro desk, but the one rep there was busy cashiering a guy with 47 items, so I noted the URL instead and left.

Last year at this time, both of those stores were blasting Jesus music - but not this year. In HD I had to pass the Xmas decoration display, and some of the artificial trees were making music, but they were drowned out by the pager system. So I have not lost the Little Drummer Boy lottery yet.

Home, lunch was steamed Ha Gow and Shui Mai, and I had to pay attention to grab the soy sauce and not the A1 from the fridge. 4 bourbon balls for dessert. Almost put me to sleep.

Went to FB and found that I was missing the biggest game of the year - Apple Cup, UW vs. WSU. Two wrongnesses - one is it should have been on a Saturday and the other is it should have been next weekend. There is still one more game to play for UW.

During the game there was an ad for Google's answer to Amazon Alexa, $30 off. It's related to what I'll be working on if they ever let me start my contract, so I bought one, and also a Google Cardboard for fun. What I really needed was an Android TV device, and after much research, I spent too much on the NVidia version. Well, not really too much. On Nvidia's site it was $199.99 but everywhere else only listed the big memory model for $399.99 and out of stock.

Also online I bought some more gnat-catching plants in response to an ad which offered 15% off with a secret word. I forgot to enter the secret word. :-(

Ordered syringes & insulin pens from Kaiser, which will cost next to nothing this one time.

Looked at the Home Depot pro site, but they don't install lighting. I'll need to hire someone.

Delivered was the pair of cover CDs from Sleeping At Last. Will listen to them over the weekend.

Finally found the cleverly hidden place on the Vanguard site and transferred most of the last stock sale proceeds to my BofA checking.  That will give me a cushion for after the rent is paid.

DMV sent my registration renewal notice. It isn't due till February.

As hoped, but not as expected, UW crushed WSU. And now Arizona is upsetting AZ State. Interesting times.

OSU hosts UO tomorrow, and word is the neighborhoods nearby are inundated and partially flooded. Fitting. Beavers host the Ducks. :-)

Quicken showed a charge on my Discover card which I recognized as a subscription to an online service which I had canceled a long time ago. Called the number, and sure enough, it was a 1-year subscription for 2011. They send in a cancellation notice and a refund for that.

I. Recount.
I don't see a reason to conduct one, statistics tell me that it's a bell-shaped curve, and any recount will render pretty much the same results as the initial count.
For the same reason, and in the interest of burying the dead horse, I'm in favor of every one of the 3,000 + counties performing a hand count, audited by some reputable accounting firm(s) a la the Oscars.
I've had it with the whiners, all the candidates knew the rules before they signed up, and only one of them campaigned to beat the system. That person won. Just like Obama in the 2008 primaries.

II. Standing Rock
Normally I would be on the side of the locals. But after looking at their own web site standingrock.org, it is clear that the pipeline is half a mile, at its closest, from their land, and the site of the protest is nowhere near the population centers whose water they claim they are protecting. They show no evidence that the land is a burial ground, and I would trust the Army Corps to obey the law and report any remains they may have dug up. There have been no such reports from either side.

The police actions are inexcusably inhumane, and Obama should have sent in the National Guard to stop it. Except that if the protest is on tribal land, it is a sovereign nation, and maybe he doesn't have that authority. It's clear he should have done something. But he's been busy pardoning (white) turkeys, making Dad Jokes™ and posing for photo ops in a food kitchen.

Dinner was baked breaded fish fillets with melted Swiss cheese, and baked beans. Popsicle for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
I have no idea.
Maybe finally see a movie.

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