Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dark Days

I was spoiled all summer with sunshine and long days. My unemployed routine included going places to sit in the sun and read, people-watch or play Ingress. Sometimes all of the above. Today I was indoors until 4:30, by the time I got downtown it was getting dark. I played a little Ingress, walked past Philz but it was packed so I continued to Starbucks. Lots of empty seats, but some eye candy. Had a medium iced tea and chocolate dipped Madelines, which were much softer than expected.

Only spent about 45 minutes. The laptop got stuck in upgrading mode, and I needed to go potty, so I closed it up (sleep mode), did my business and went home.

Lunch had been a beef pot pie. Dinner was herb roasted chicken dinner. I've been noshing on bourbon balls. Only a pair at a time, but too many.

Watched all of the 49ers game. They played well right to the end, but Colin's ego finally cost them the game. Watched most of the KC/Denver game, was happy to see KC pull it out at the end of OT, since their hard work during Q4 got them there.

Almost bought another keyboard, but instead went back to the Microsoft wireless English-only one. It has the longer backspace key, but I still hit the insert key by accident. But this one has media keys and programmable function keys, which gives me a sleep key.

Dropped off the rent. Some Bingo regulars were playing cards, Texas hold-'em.

On the way home stopped by 7-11 to restock the front seat passenger side with cheesy poofs. Love to munch on them while I'm driving.

I see why I had put this keyboard aside - I keep hitting multiple keys at the same time.

Part of this morning's activities was listening to both "cover" CDs from Sleeping At Last. The last cut on disc 2 is why I bought it, and sad but true, it is the only one of the tracks which sounds better to me, or even as good as, the originals.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the rain
Receive packages

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