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Horrible night. Kept waking up from very disturbing dreams. Worst case scenario dreams which were so vivid that I woke up disoriented. Also very dehydrated, so at about 4 am I checked my blood sugar, and it was way too high, 280. Shot up some high powered insulin to help bring it down.

Went back to bed, but mostly was on the tablet, reading, web searching and trying out the ESPN app. Last night as I was watching football, for some strange reason ESPN was showing the "world championship" finals for drone racing. It was so WTF that I flipped there on every commercial break. One segment featured a DDG woman doing a very good job of spokesmodeling, explaining the rules and some of the intricacies of the course. I was smitten. Tall, blonde, perfect figure, and she also did the after-each-heat winner interviews. But they didn't show her name while I was watching.

The app was no help, all it showed were news articles from September announcing the "DRL" (Drone Racing League) deal. Back to sleep eventually, but when I woke up at around 6:30, I went to the PC and found the video for the start of her intro, and her name is Abby Hornacek. Turns out she is the daughter of NBA coach Jeff, majored in broadcasting at the best school in the country for that (USC's Annenberg school), and no doubt thanks to her dad's connections has interned and worked sidelines jobs. At 5'10" she's quite the volleyball player, her teams won several state championships.

Back to bed, did some reading, up and dressed at about 10. Plans to see Dr. Strange at matinée prices scuttled - Moana has taken over all the morning slots in my two local cineplexes. Maybe catch an early pm one tomorrow.

Email from the contract agency which confirms my 12/5 start date at Google, and included all the California rules, including 3 days paid time off per year, 10 minute breaks every 4 hours, 30 minute mealtimes every 8. QA jobs usually this is easy to do, it wasn't when I did tech support.

Bored all day. It didn't rain, but it looked like it might. Lots of wind. Breakfast banana was at about 11, so no lunch. Did not feel like going to a coffee shop or hanging out online, so I drove to the end of the street and hung out at the park. Huge, gorgeous place, not many people there Monday school day, but there were some younger kids with parental units, and one woman and her beagle in the dog park. Dog park is way too small, and the fence is only about 4' tall, larger dogs could easily jump it.

Did some reading, then checked Ingress and was surprised that even though the park is only about 2 years old, many of the landmarks are portals. I made some links and hacked a lot. It was already all green.

From there I took an alternate route to where the work orientation will be. I've been there before because the back parking lot is park & ride for light rail. Came back by a different alternate route, and the conclusion is that it's way too long a detour just to come at the Intersection From Hell from the easiest direction.

Home at about 3:30, made some macaroni & butter for a snack. Watched some TV, deleted old football games.

High school girlfriend accepted my friend request, and looking at the two photos on her page she looks like the fat old lady version of her old self, probably the way I look like the fat old man version of myself. Her hair is pure white, which is about right for a born redhead. Her new last name is Icelandic. Looks like she has a redheaded daughter and one brown haired son. I wonder what happened to her other son. Maybe with her ex?

Facebook is filled with paranoia about Trump's cabinet and other picks, many of them rumors being posted as done deals. Basically, he is picking people who will do what he campaigned for. That shouldn't be a surprise. I was much more horrified when Obama chose cabinet members who were on record as opposed to his campaign policies. Hillary was one. What infuriated me most was when he re-appointed Bush's defense secretary, Robert Gates. That led to Obama replacing his campaign promise to get our troops out of Iraq/Afghanistan in 18 months with a surge of 100,000 more troops, deploying National Guard troops overseas and trusting Pakistan to tell us where Bin Laden was hiding.

I'm also pretty disgusted with the Melania bashing, when every week we seem to see Michelle in a different designer dress on a talk show or the cover of a woman's magazine.

Dinner was chicken soup, I still have too much in the fridge. There's a big stash in the freezer, but that's SOP for me.

Watched the first half of the Packers at Philly. It's on pause. May or may not finish tonight. I took a nap for an hour at 7-ish, and have nothing I need to wake up for in the morning.

In Spook news, probably in reaction to me forcing her to stay in my clutches the other day, she is now parking herself on the floor at my feet, instead of out of reach. While I was trying to FF through B&B, she tried to climb up the back of the recliner. So I grabbed her and sat down on the sofa and trimmed her claws. She kept pretty still for it, only a momentary whine when I started on the second paw. Now she's confused because the toys don't stick to the ends of her claws, and scratching posts feel different.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Maybe see the 1 pm Dr. Strange


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