Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Boring Day

Plan A accomplished - saw the 1:25 pm 3D Dr. Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch was amazingly good in the first 10 minutes as an egocentric, obnoxious, arrogant neurosurgeon.  Not so good the rest of the movie as he slowly and painfully becomes spiritual and wizardly. A lot of the CGI made me dizzy, and confused. There are some very funny moments, and mad props to the audio mixing crew for the Beyonce joke (listen closely when Wong has earbuds in).

The romantic connection crucial to the plot just was not there, blame the lack of stature of the leading lady and a poorly written part. The role called for a bombshell, it was played by an elf.

The bad guy was also not up to the role, and was sabotaged by costume & makeup.

The "ancient one" part was well played, though a bit egocentric for a spiritual guide.

Lots of action, much of it I was not able to follow. One of the best scenes was the first Easter egg after the main credits.

Before the show, Boston Market country fried beef for lunch. Great mashed potatoes, not so great slab of hamburger.

After the show, hung out at Starbucks, missed most of the eye candy because of the window shades, and my back to the ordering line.

In-n-Out burger was staring at me. I had never eaten anything from there, lots of my theater friends are fans, so I aimed at the drive-through and got two cheeseburgers, fries & a chocolate shake. 10 minutes waiting in the driveway, the burgers and fries were already cold when I got them. Home in <10 minutes, colder still. Bottom line - the burgers were like the 19¢ ones from my childhood, except the tomato and onion slices were thicker. Fries are thin and short and taste-free. The shake was foamy and taste-free. FAIL.

Delivered was my final two packs of insulin pens (next year we switch to vials/syringes), a pair of proof sets of the 2016 America The Beautiful quarters (one for me, one for baby sis), Google Cardboard VR glasses (worth the $15, works well with my phone), Google Home (Google's answer to Alexa). It worked well for basic stuff, but sorry to say that even though my TV has the software, it won't connect with it. Also won't connect with my MeMo switches. I hauled out my only used once Samsung hub, and will work on connecting that. In theory it can control all my lights, fan, car charger and maybe the TVs. 

DVR today was a joy. B&B brought back my girlfriend big-time, she was 1/3 of the subplots. Future could go either way - the sister whose boyfriend she seduced has kicked her boyfriend to the curb. If he hooks up with my gal again, there may be many more weeks of her. If he is taken back by the sister, my gal will probably disappear.

Almost down to a reasonable number of cartons of milk. Celebrated with an egg cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
PG&E return, holpefully different tech. Doors need to be fixed. 9 am - 1 pm window.


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