Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2016-ish kind of day

What a sad circus. The Silicon Valley Foundation tech was supposed to show up between 9 and 1. At noon they called to say they couldn't make it in time, how about 1-5 pm? Hell no, I said, I've already delayed this a week because the last guy bailed. I was pissed, and let her know it. After 5 minutes on hold I hung up. She called right back saying someone would be there by 1.

A Vietnamese person whose English was FOB showed up at 12:50. I was out front cutting back the roses, and saw him park in front of #6 for about 5 minutes before he scooted up to my #7.

He was even worse than last week's Mexican. He said they don't fix doors that are out of true, even if it means not having to waste material. My doors are weatherstripped just fine, but that 1/4" gap up top right means wasted heat. He was apparently told to caulk, but he didn't get it that nothing in the house needed it - he went around filling in some of the curtain mounting holes from the previous owner, but he was too short to reach most of them and apparently didn't have a ladder. I stopped him and explained that the holes were superficial, they didn't leak air from outside.

He checked the furnace and water heater for CO (carbon monoxide, not Colorado), and then the oven. He said the oven was above the red flag level. The numbers he gave sounded trivial, and I have a CO monitor which has never gone off, so I told him to forget about it., Which is when he said he had turned off the gas feed to the oven.Which is when I turned on my Bill Sykes full theater voice and told him to turn it back on. Scared the shit out of him, so he did.

I showed him the door, refused to sign his paperwork because he hadn't done squat.

He had left all the doors ajar, had not put the furnace cover back in place, so I took care of those and noticed he was still sitting in his truck out front.

I sat down to watch Elementary and in about half an hour two PG&E techs and a different Silicon Valley tech showed up, all speaking good English. Talk about miracles.

The PG&E guys did a much more thorough test of CO levels and said the furnace filter needs to be vacuumed but levels were okay, they borrowed a stepladder to check the water heater and then found that the gas oven was way above red flag (the burners were okay) and they had to disconnect the feed and cap it. They said a repair person could probably fix it.

I called GE to see if they could add this to tomorrow's dishwasher call, but they didn't have a way to do that without a week's delay, during work hours. So I have a call in to my local repair guy. While I was on the phone with GE, she said she didn't see my warranty listed - I have one, but was in no mood to mess with that. I'll call tomorrow morning. Meanwhile I've printed out the contract.

Looked up gas ovens online, and it would only be about $400 to replace it. That's plan B.

By now the day is shot, no mood for a movie, so I binge watched the DVR.

B&B featured my girlfriend again, she tried to win over her sister's newly exed boyfriend, but he isn't "moving on" and in a separate scene, sis is torn, but she's done with his cheating. But the script says girlfriend will do at least one more photo shoot. So maybe there will be some more bikini time for her. Yum!

Below Deck has a charter of middle aged ex models, only one of them still has a sexy figure. The staff so far is doing a great job, but there's one more episode before the charter ends. The head stew is now in full ball bearings in the fist mode, one of her underlings is mental, the other is doing PDAs with the chef, who I am sure IRL is gay, but the formerly dysfunctional deck crew has shaped up and only the one female crew member is in "last charter of the season" mode. If they do another season, I expect the same chef & head stew, and almost a complete change of crew.

Elementary took the easy way out this time, and there isn't a jury in NYC which would convict the suspect based on the flimsy evidence. And they totally screwed up the kosher/halal argument. Which is that test tube meat grown from cow cells would be considered pareve by rabbis and mullahs. Not a chance, and Sherlock didn't know how to pronounce the word. Strange but true, Lucy Liu did.

TMZ was all over Kanye West's hospitalization for mental breakdown. As if he hasn't been clinically insane for years. I FFed most of the hour. PTI was more comfortable with UW's #4 ranking than they should have been. They still have to beat Colorado, and I'm not sure they will. They play tomorrow down the block from me, at Levi's Stadium. Probably to a house of about 12 fans.

I discovered the routine to get my Samsung Smart Hub to control all the Z-wave switches, but unfortunately it meant they are no longer recognized by the Z-wave controllers I have all around the house. They can be voice controlled by the Google Home device, but it doesn't know how to schedule them to turn on/off, and the Samsung app has a bug which won't let me choose AM for the time.

So probably all that effort was somewhat wasted. I have email in to Samsung support since it's their phone and their app. I also have 5 Wemo switches on order, and the wemo app can set schedules, but only for Wemo switches. At the moment only the livingroom fan and the car charger are on wemo switches. I've been planning to do this for a long time, since the hub gives me a way to control everything from the phone, whether I have a wifi or data connection. From anywhere in the country.

Delivered was a really cheap replica Star Trek communicator from Overstock, five various gnat-eating plants, 500 insulin syringes, and 4 4-oz bottles of aromatherapy oils. Cedarwood, Orange, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Still to come is Pine.

It rained a trace this afternoon. I want to cut back some more of the yellow rose bush. The rose I moved from under the juniper bush to the front garden already has new growth.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call GE and add the contract to their database. Home Depot should have done that.
Call the appliance repair guy again if he hasn't called back by 11
GE repair in the afternoon

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