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Still 2016

Went shopping in the morning, got bananas and a few other staples. Watched TV and DVR until the GE repairman came, about 3 pm in a 1-5 window. Very professional, he showed me beyond a doubt that there was nothing wrong with my dishwasher's heat dry cycle, and suggested whetting agent needed to be refilled, and it would help. He said he would take care of the issue with GE not having the extended service contract on file. I gave him a copy of the contract. He couldn't do the oven, but he suggested it just needed a cleaning.

Tried to call the local repair guy about the oven, but his voicemail was full. Went online and looked up places on Yelp, found one, requested an appointment online, their email said they would call in the morning and nail down a date & time.

B&B did not have my girlfriend, but it did have someone else with a killer figure in a bikini, so I watched those parts. And those scenes.

An FB post identified the person who sent me the Star Trek "communicator" from Overstock. Hilary is the person who directed the first musical I was in, we have stayed friends since then. She recently retired as a research librarian in rural WA coast, and continues to run the local bird rescue facility. She keeps crows as pets.  We met 43 years ago in Astoria, OR. Her main squeeze at the time wrote one of the seminal science fiction stories. I can't remember the title, and only remember his first name was Graham. OMG, I found her email:
Graham Doar
Published in the 12/14/1949 Saturday Evening Post, adapted for radio and broadcast 04-08-50 on DIMENSION X, titled The Outer Limit. "Story of an experimental rocket plane which disappears for ten hours when it only had fuel for ten minutes. The pilot tells an incredible story of an alien contact." Apparently the first "close encounters of the 3rd kind" story ever written. https://www.scribd.com/document/60414342/Graham-Doar

The communicator was a birthday present.

Of course without the use of the stove/oven all the thoughts for meals were things which required them. Until I snapped out of it and remembered that for most of the past year I've been living off microwave TV dinners and PNB&J.

Lunch was clam chowder from Safeway, packaged to be microwaved. Dinner was a Hungry Man fried chicken dinner. Dessert for both was lactaid mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Took a nap at 6:30 when I started dozing in front of the PC. Watched Thursday Night Football on DVR, not a very good game. Dallas won on a failed extra point try which would have only tied the game.

TNF uses way too many of their video toys. At some points in the game one is hard pressed to know if one is watching the game or replay compilations. Highly annoying. As are the many out takes between plays to show us useless information about players who might not even be on the team. Fast forward is my friend. So is mute.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the repairman call-back.
No repair for Friday - I'll go to Nova for a Lydia.com workshop. One of the few things Nova does which applies to people who have jobs as well as those without.
Hang out downtown

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