Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oven Part 2

But first...slept very well. The lights kicked on at 7:30 and off at 9:15 as programmed in the Samsung hub.

10 am I walked to the community center, had a cinnamon roll and a piece of pumpkin pie and chatted with several neighbors. Next time I'll stay longer and chat with the people I missed.

10:30 off to the Post Office, mailed back the Belkin switches. $18 for a $140 refund. Somewhat painful, but worth it. Forgot to bring my sister's present.

Home, put sis's coins in a padded envelope, slapped on labels and postage and plopped it in the mailbox.

Oven tech came at about 1, he took the unit apart, tested the timing of both the oven and broiler burners, and they were right on the money. He looked up the s/n and confirmed it was 19 years old, new when the house was built. And he said he rarely sees one this old in this good condition. He said he is stumped why it would be putting out CO, but he didn't have a meter or training on that, so he'll get some training and a meter and come back by Tuesday with what he finds out. He put the thing together, but turned off the gas to it, just to be safe. $65 for this call, the next one is free.

Fry's in search of a CO meter and a Z-wave wall switch for the kitchen. They had CO alarms, but I wanted something which gave me a reading. They had wall switches, but too expensive.

On to Lowe's, got a meter with a readout. In idle it displays the temp but push a button and it shows the last several CO readings. Got a GE light switch, only slightly less expensive than Fry's.

Home, set up the CO meter. Baseline measurement is 0.

Trial and error found the one of the 6 breakers labeled "kitchen" or "lighting" which control the kitchen overhead lights. Removed the wall switch, tried to install the new one, but FAILed miserably. In two ways. First way is the screws for keeping the wires in the switch were not working well. The one for the ground wire is totally frozen in place. The second way is originally two wires were connected to one terminal, which seemed like a WTF until I separated them and my office lights, car charger, webcam and one livingroom lamp went out. Builders cheated when they wired this place.

So now the new switch is boxed up to be returned, the two wires are twist-connector capped together but the wire to the overhead lights and the ground wire are loose. The plan is to get another brand of switch tomorrow maybe from Home Despot. And I should color code the pair, or maybe solder them together with a leader.

Watched pieces of college football games. Was not impressed.

B&B is all white again. TMZ is all caught up in Kanye West.

Dinner was duck and BBQ pork over reheated white rice. Ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Despite a couple of hours in stores playing Jesus music, I am still winning the LDB challenge.

Across the street neighbor came over with his back yard neighbor, whose son bought a Chevy Spark, and had some questions. And the suggestion that we have the park install a fast charger by the community center. I wish they would stop being stupid and let us have one in our carports.

And they brought me the shocking good news that the petty bureaucrat known as the park manager is retiring at the end of the month. It was all over the monthly magazine, but I had not read the articles yet (too busy reading the ads). He's still going to live in the park with his SO, word is she is in failing health and he wants to be with her more.

Just stumbled on a post in FB by Ardenwood, they have >2,000 monarchs on hand, so I'll take my camera out noon-ish. They mostly just fold up and look like leaves before it gets warm, so going in the morning is not worthwhile.

Plan for tomorrow:
Lowe's - return the switch
HD - buy a different switch
Ardenwood w/camera
Coffee w/Janice
Set the alarm for 6 & get to sleep by 11. Work orientation Monday at 7:45

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