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Slept real well, didn't wake up till 6:15, stayed in bed till 7:30 and put it in high gear and was on the road in an hour. Took just short of half an hour to get to work, thanks to the commuter lane stickers and not making the mistake of taking the "obvious" freeway exit.

Found a charger right in front of my building, but in the process of untangling my connector's cable from the person's next to me, I botched it, and after I put my connector back into the kiosk it wouldn't let it out again.

Lunchtime I went out to try to fix that, but ended up instead putting the other person's charge on my card. Not a problem, those chargers are free. But it meant going out after work and hooking up the charger for half an hour, enough to get me home on battery.

Today's work was a continuation of yesterday's, meaning I learned a lot more about the product, and found a couple of bugs. Boss was very helpful and has Big Plans for me. She had me write a short bio, which was emailed to the team. Skylight windows provide much of the light in our section, so as it gets darker outside it also gets dimmer inside.

For lunch I went to the big cafeteria downstairs, and it was a zoo. Several separate stations, a couple of them divided in half in a way which makes the lines confusing. I had looked at the web site to see what was on offer, but messed up, confusing what I saw for this cafeteria with one in another building. No place to sit inside, ended up sitting outside. A couple of women who were leaving gave me their table in the sun. It was cold, I was not wearing a jacket.

Today's gleanings were an antipasto salad with artichoke hearts and salami slices, egg drop soup, pizza topped with what is inside a Chinese pork bun, a chocolate cookie and a tiny round thing of chocolate cheesecake. Oh, and a dozen pimento olives way too salty, and not completely pitted. Most of those ended up in the compost bin. 

At lunchtime I called the oven tech, he had not done the research, was still waiting to hear from people, so no visit tonight. :-(

Home by freeway, about half an hour. Back streets would have been the same.

Job 1 was putting the kitchen switch back into operation. Had to turn off the power so mostly did it by flashlight. It's working, but it needs some work in the daylight before I screw it back into the wall. And I also need to get some solid copper wire. Fry's may have some, Lowe's would, I think. I see Amazon is selling the automated switch with installation for an extra $92. I may do that.

Started choosing photos for the 2017 calendar. I think I'll do one, but only print half as many. I had way too many left over this year.

Plans for tomorrow:
oven tech visit (?)

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