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First week at worked kicked my butt. Starting to get used to needing to be up and on the road ~ 8:30 every morning. Making that happen with a 7:30 alarm time.

Work itself today was on my own, boss had nothing for me, so I did some of yesterday's tests on a different machine, and saw it work differently than expected. Messaged boss who said yeah, that machine is here because it's not ready for prime time. Past experience tells me there will be  a lot of that.

So I was able to guilt-free take an hour to complete a couple of the company's required-every-2-years courses. Can't tell you what they are, but can tell you I aced them because for a change the questions and situations they posed made sense. To any 6-year-old.

Lunch was another disaster. Worst meatball sandwich ever. It decided it wanted out the other end fairly expeditiously. Not an emergency, but not comfortable either. Have I mentioned how much I hate heated toilet seats? Apparently the default setting is "waffle iron". And the control is not intuitive, and requires reading glasses. :-(

The Moroccan lentil soup was pretty good, though.

In the break room they had a small stash of TCHO brown - one of the best dark chocolates ever.

After lunch I took advantage of the lull to plow through documentation, which in this case was not the usual boredom because it was all about screen design, and the logic behind it is brilliant. I wrote a little web page to show me what the recommended color codes looked like. They use one all over the place which is not on my web site's color translator page. But their explanation of why the odd choice makes perfect sense.

Email from my local rep, we made a date for lunch at *$s for Tuesday. She doesn't have a badge, so she can't eat where I work. Temps can't have non-badged folk for visits or meals.

Oven tech finally got back to me, we're on for 11 am - 2 pm tomorrow.

Home by surface streets. Took a little longer than the freeway, and not much less stressful. Used less battery, though, the stop and go helps charge it.

Took a nap, but couldn't stay asleep.

Side effect of the recall, the new modem has to re-train itself to my phone app, and last night it wouldn't show the current status of the car or send me a message when it was charged. I like to turn off the switch (it's on a remote control) to the charger because even when it's done charging the power light is on and it draws power. This morning the home screen came back on, but the app says 24 hours to full functionality.

Finished going through all my 12/15-12/16 photos, and found there were many more monarchs last year than this. The year in review didn't take long because I didn't take many photos, and those I took on the train were mostly unusable because of motion blur, dirty widows and reflections. I did find about 65, and the cover photo wrote itself.

I batched all of them to resize to fit the calendar with room for a caption. Now I need to pick 12, caption them and look up which holidays I want on the pages.

In other news, in case I didn't mention it, Thailand's crown prince is now king. I expected it to go to one of his sisters, since parliament made female accession legal a few years ago with just this succession in mind. There are certain parallels between him and Prince Charles which I won't go into. He has one exewmplary child: Eldest daughter has a law doctorate from Cornell, was ambassador to Austria and is now in the atty. gen.'s office. He apparently has 7 children altogether, many of them born before he married their mother. He has been married 3 times, is currently single.

Watched a couple of PTI episodes, they totally blew off UW getting into the championships. So I nuked all this week's programs.

Will catch up some other DVR shows tomorrow, maybe. Calendar comes first.

I heard from one of my Peace Corps buddies, he liked my caledars so much he made his own, one is in the mail to me. But his will be from many years, and from him, his wife and one of his friends. Should be interesting. He was assigned next door to me my 2nd year, married his boss and I was at the wedding in the American consulate taking pictures.

Politics. That 2.x million popular vote margin Hillary's backers claim? All from California. Take away CA and the vote is either tied or Orange.

Plans for tomorrow:
B of A ATM, deposit that Medicare check
Try to wrap up the calendar
Oven repair
Coffee w/Janice

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