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Too busy for a day off

Rained a bunch this morning, half an inch by 3 pm, 0.8" in 24 hours, traces still dripping down till after 8 pm. That delayed my oven repairman, he managed to get here at about 1:30 for the 11-2 window.

He had a brand new CO meter, but didn't know how to use it. After some trial and error and singed fingers, he figured out that if you put the meter in the exhaust vent, it will (a) make loud noises and (b) overheat. And with some prompting from me, we concluded that the PG&E measurement was bogus, there is no carbon monoxide coming out of the oven except what is venting up the flu. He did make some adjustments to the air/gas mixture, but the effects were minimal.

Meanwhile, the CO alarm/meter I bought, which was sitting on or next to the stove all during his visit, measured 0 ppm.

So I paid him the standard fee for re-connecting the gas, and he now has a new toy of limited usefulness because 90% of the ovens out there are electric.

While I was waiting, I ran Photoshop on the calendar candidates, to get them in the right size for the printer, with space for captions. It took me four tries to remember the right settings - PS batch mode is non-intuitive, and with the wrong settings you may get no output, or the same image over and over, or the same image in between the other images.

Then I did the painstaking job of paring it down to 12 pictures. I changed my mind a few times to get more photos with people, and not as many from Ardenwood Farm. As usual, I have enough for a second calendar, but not enough $. I could do a whole calendar from Ardenwood (four visits since last December). 

Oven guy was late enough that I had time to caption all the images, re-doing several of them when I noticed I'd done them inconsistently.

Online, got all the photos in place, and started adding Thai and Jewish holidays. Got up to April.

Break for Oven.

Finished up the calendar at about 4, just in time to be half an hour early for my coffee chat in MV with Janice.

She had quite the grueling adventure - she volunteers with the Red Cross, using her skills as a social worker and admin, and this week she spent some days in Oakland with the families of fire survivors.

On my way home I stopped by Lucky's to deposit the Medicare check, and while I was there I took advantage of sales on Marie Callender and Stouffer's dinners. And one non-sale Boston Market that I like. And bananas and grapes.

Next stop, Home Depot where it took way too long to find solid copper wire for modifying the unsafe kitchen light switch. Bought a switch, could not find a Z-wave one (though they had about 1,000 dimmers which are no good for fluorescent lamps) so I ordered one online when I got home.

The lamp in the office started acting flaky, took me a while to figure out that the battery in the motion sensor with which it is associated is dying. It's a battery model I don't have, so that's now on order and the software has been changed to not include the sensor. No biggie, Google Home can control it as well as the Samsung app.

Marie C chicken dinner while watching People of Earth and Timeless. PoE is amusing, and took a couple of left turns for the better. Timeless continues to be driven by an unknown plot hook. They have identified a Bad Guy in the form of a conspiracy which dates back to the Revolutionary War, named Rittenhouse. There happens to be IRL a David Rittenhouse who was a formidable scientist, and first director of the US Mint. But so far the show makes no connection to him. I guess they don't know how to Google.

Received a calendar from a Peace Corps buddy, which I mentioned yesterday. It's done for fun, not for the quality of the photos. Some of them made me chuckle, some were inside jokes I'm outside of.

I posted all the finalists for my calendar on FB, it's public, I'm not sure if you need a login to see them. But it's a tease because the final product has gone to the printer. Three or four of the pix getting the most "likes" did not make it.

They probably won't be mailed in time for 1/1/17 delivery, but I'll at least have them in hand in 2 weeks.

Also delivered today was a box of 200 Costco brand tall kitchen bags. I use about 5 every other week, give or take.

Changed the litterbox cartridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make the kitchen light switch safe enough to mount back into the wall.
Enjoy the day off
No significant rain on tap till Tuesday, apparently
Figure out what postage for the calendars will be, and order any required stamps. lemmozine appears to be my only LJ friend on the list.
(can't use Forever stamps for international mail)

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