Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Took The Garbage Out

Probably the most productive thing I did all day, and frankly all but the kitchen garbage with the crab shells could have waited till next week. But I just received 200 more trash bags, so I went for it.

Was up way late last night, so this morning I turned off the alarms and lights and slept till 9. Stayed in bed reading till almost noon. Spent some time on FB seeing people's likes for the calendar pix, and three of the ones that didn't make it got the most likes. One I had completely forgotten about, it should have made it, the other two missed out because I had other pix from that location which fit better.

I nuked the flickr album from yesterday and replaced it with all the candidates, not just the finalists: here. It also includes the cover.

I spent some time on USPS.com and figured out the postage. $2 for US, $3.33 Canada and $7 everywhere else. I was about to spend a heap on postage, but checked my file cabinet and have enough left over from the last 2 years. Lots of $2 stamps, just enough $5's, and some $1's and Hawaii shirt 33¢-ers.
As advertised, I switched off the breaker to the kitchen lights, made a "tail" connector from 14ag solid copper wire and fit that into a twist-terminator cap with the two hot wires, tightened down the ground wire and wrapped the tail around the hot terminal screw. The two wires which had been there were too thick to stay in place. Screwed everything back in place and turned on the breaker. It works fine. Later this evening I found an electrician on Yelp and emailed a request for a quote to replace the lights with LEDs and wire in the remote switch (due to arrive soon). I could do the switch myself, but not the lights - as long as I'm having an electrician in, may as well have him/her do the whole job.
Watched the season finale of Below Deck, which ended with a lot more chef drama than necessary, made up for somewhat by the extraordinarily hot dress his girlfriend was wearing. But that didn't help because girlfriend forgot that the woman whom chef was talking with at the bar is gay.

Also watched the 49ers game, which they totally blew. Two missed field goals was the difference between a win and OT. Jets scored a TD in OT and won. SF is 1-12. Disturbing because they always start like gangbusters and usually are in the game until they blow it in the end.
Decided I needed new address labels, so I went to Fry's and they didn't have any Avery brand for inkjet. I bought a black ink cartridge for the one in the Canon which is low, but I got the wrong one. Ended up on Amazon for both of those things. I did manage to buy a WeMo light bulb, which is in the breakfast nook lamp, and Google can control it on/off but can't access the dimmer feature.

So the joke of the day was salvaged from an attempt at humor by my UK cousin Mike who has inherited the family pun gene. Except his was off, so I fixed it.

James Bond has become a hair dresser, specializing in color. He is fired from his job, he thinks it's for not chatting up the customers. 
Your job is to find the matching quote of his boss firing him.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work: Probably will find out where I am being moved to

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