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Patriots are beating Baltimore on the scoreboard, but not so much on the field. I miss the days when Howard Cosell made color commentary on Monday Night Football colorful, with the help of star QB "Dandy" Don Meredith.
Work was good. I got to "break" a pre-release of a new-ish product, and I think I also broke the known-good post-release replacement Boss gave me. Boss is a bundle of energy and puts it all into our conversations. She told me where I'm being moved to, and now that I know the details I'm sure of two things:

1. I can't tell anyone outside the company, maybe even outside my team
2. They don't have free food there.

It sounds like a more logical place for me to be parked, though. We're just waiting on some equipment to be sorted out.

Took the back way to work, the one I wasn't sure about, but it did get me past the Intersection From Hell with only a bit of a slowdown due to work on a new megaplex spilling into the street. On the way back I took the freeway for 2 exits, and then picked up the back roads. Made the wrong choice for the Intersection, which made me go a couple of miles out of my way.

Lunch was almost a success. I was going to get a PNB at the little cafe downstairs, but when I got there it was no longer on the menu. So I went for Plan B, across campus where they advertised "heritage turkey" and steamed quinoa. They had plenty of the latter, none of the former. But they did have some braised pork in some kind of mild BBQ sauce with bits of what looked like spinach but was probably kale. Lemon jasmine iced tea was good, and the thing in the tiny dark brown circular cup looked horrible but it was labeled "bread pudding" so I tried it. It was so good I took another one up to my desk. Should have taken 2.

Dinner while watching MNF was Marie C beef slivers on mashed, with beans & carrots. Not bad.

Plans for tomorrow:
Noon meeting with contract rep
7 pm Allegiance Fathom Event at the nearby cinema. Been waiting a LONG time to see what Broadway did to/for the show I flew to San Diego to see the premiere run of.

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