Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long day & night

So I'll nutshell it:

Last night Spook decided she wanted to watch me sleep from one of the bathroom mats, so instead of closing the door as I do every night, I left it open. At about 3 am when I got up to deal with an insulin reaction, she was asleep against my feet. She was there again at 6, but was elsewhere when the lights came on at 7:30. I need to find better canned food for her, she didn't touch the usual at all last night or today. Good thing she likes the dry stuff in the food tower.

Freeway to work, got there a few minutes early. No instructions from Boss all day, but I had plenty of reading and devices to play with.

Noon, meeting at Starbuck's with my contract rep. Seems she is a budding photographer. I'll have to add her to my calendar list. Turns out that most of the delay getting me onboard was she was shoved into the role with no training and little notice, and didn't know to ask the company for my on-boarding email as soon as the offer came. And it was further messed up by the clueless newbie in Denver who sent me the initial job stuff.

Back to work, made up for being offsite by staying late. But that was also because I had a ticket to see the Broadway show Allegiance as a 7:30 Fathom showing at the nearby theater.

I'll write more about that later, but briefly, it was excellent except for two things: mikes in the middle of foreheads and the orchestra was way too loud in the audio mix. Neither of those is excusable.

Plans for tomorrow:
Print address labels, put them on envelopes, stamp the envelopes. I hope.

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