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Still Pooped

Did not sleep well last night. Allegiance bummed me out big time. Growing up in NY, I had no idea about the Japanese internment camps. Most people east of the Mississippi probably didn't, even as it was happening. They only took the people in WA, OR & CA. My younger sisters went to grade school in Seattle, and some of their classmates were children of internment victims, but I didn't really know much about that. AFAIK, they all got their lands and businesses back. I had one Japanese friend in high school, but I think her dad was white, and she never mentioned the camps.
Spook snuck onto the bed as I was starting to try to get to sleep, and owned a quarter of it all night. She even stayed there watching me take a shower. Maybe it's because I put the big fluffy mock calico cat on the floor and went back to using the smaller white bear. Or maybe she's just lonely because I'm not home much anymore.

Freeway to work was pretty quick, but not quick enough to find a charger. Tomorrow I may try the underground garage. Got my real badge this afternoon, picture looks a lot like me. Cool badge, but that's all I can say about it. It lets me into the garage elevator, so I'm guessing I can badge into the garage by car entry too.

Did some extra credit work on the job, linux's "history" function meant I didn't need to ask Boss what she typed on my machine which did it. And I didn't even break the machine, though the one I tried it on first didn't work. Haven't heard from Boss in 2 days. No need to until she gets the laptop I'll be using in the new location.

Home by back roads. Maybe quicker than freeway. Definitely only slightly less stressful. Maybe tomorrow I'll hang out at Starbucks first.

Watched the latest South Park. They have wrapped up the weeks-long internet trolling theme. I am not amused.

Emailed a highly rated electrical company from Yelp, they responded quickly that they don't do mobile homes, and gave me two places to try. Emailed the first one, we'll see what they say.

Printed the gold foil labels for the back of the calendar. I'm waiting on a couple of addresses before I print those labels.

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