Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

You Unlearn Something New Every Day

Another night of Spook owning the bottom corner of the bed. Right from my POV, left as you look from the door.
Slept pretty well. I think I need to go to bed later, now that I'm waking up an hour before the alarm.

In the background I am running a program called Bulkr, which is slurping up my Flickr photos, all 44,000 of them. Had to pay $40 for the pro version so I could get them at full resolution, which is a misnomer because before I uploaded them to Flickr, I used a program which cuts their rez to 1/4.  I keep the really full rez ones on my hard drive, backed up at an NAS drive. The plan is to then point Google Photos at that directory and have them all online there before I cancel my Flickr pro account. Yahoo owns Flickr, and I have a bad feeling about that company's (and Flickr's)  future.

Work was a winter festival. Boss handed me a laptop, said it was mine to use for testing, and told me to try to run a test, but I would probably not get far because of software which was not on it, and probably needed the tech staff to fix that. And then she took off for points north.

I tried to use the touchpad, but unlike my Dell laptop, it is not tappable anywhere as a right click, you have to locate the invisible click strip built into the bottom of the pad. Highly unusable. So I hiked across campus and up some stairs and then to the end of a very long building ISO the rack of goodies. The landmark the receptionist & the maps gave turned out to be one of those landmarks that is only a landmark to people who have been there before. After I found the rack and collected a mouse and a USB cable and was heading back from whence I came I looked down and was all "aha! That's what they meant" and thought of 6 better landmarks they could have used.

Mouse installed and laptop charging, I started the project and Boss was right, I came to an abrupt halt, and after an online chat, took the little beastie to the tech shop, and they will keep it until they get Boss' okay to install stuff on it.

But first, lunch. The most bland miso soup ever, spring salad buffet, pretty decent but soggy 5-cheese pizza slice, the best egg nog custard I've ever had, and the worst chocolate somethingberry cheesecake circle-ette ever.

Did some research, I'll miss a lot of football, but for $10 a month I can get all the CBS shows on the Nvidia box, and I ordered a pair of HDTV antennas which ought to give me PBS and NBC and a couple of local UHF stations. Saturday I'll give Comcast back their DVR and Tivo cable card and unsubscribe from everything except the internet service.

It rained all day, so Plan B going home. Stopped in at Starbucks for 90 minutes, lucky to find a seat. Took back roads home which was fast enough without the usual backup on the freeway overpass.

Watched the latest episode of Mars on NatGeo. It's gone off the deep end, I think I'm done with it.

Turned on the NVidia, and found on Youtube a free HD version of The Fifth Element, which was suggested indirectly by my former Peace Corps neighbor who sent me his calendar effort, which was named Fhloston Paradise. I had not idea what it meant, I know it's not Thai so I looked it up. Here's the answer. Click.

I don't have time to watch it tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Saturday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe the Macbook will be done.

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