Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Missions Accomplished

Spook spent the night on the bed again.

I tried the underground garage at work, and my badge got me in no problemo. It also got me into the building and the elevator nearest my desk. Maybe next time I'll bring my extra key fob and see if the valet electric car people will charge it.

But the real mission accomplishment was I managed to "brick" a device I was testing. Boss explained that what I was trying to do at the time was something that particular device was incapable of doing, but Monday I'll learn how to un-brick it. In other work news, we're one more step closer to moving me to the other building.

Lunch was almost a success. The baby clam congee was good, except they left the clams in the shells, which made it challenging to eat. Tabbouleh made with quinoa wasn't bad, and as usual the pizza was soggy but delicious. Desserts were chocolate-like custard and a tiny pumpkin-chocolate brownie-like bar.

Home, Plan A was to stop off at Pet Club next to Costco on Rengsdorff, only to find it shuttered. Plan B was the Starbucks on Rengsdorff & Middlefield, but changed my mind and used the parking lot to turn onto Middlefield and take the back way home. Ran out of battery about 2 miles short. Hardly used any gas, though.

Spook sprawled on the floor against my foot as I watched DVR stuff. The alleged Victoria Secret Fashion Show was awful. Instead of showing their (under) wares, they made the models wear lots of huge-assed hardware which mostly obfuscated the outfits. A wrap-around dragon, humongous angel wings made from what looked like gift wrap ribbons, etc. Lady Gaga sang a continuous loop of one song, Bruno Mars rapped, someone else R&Bed, which is when I nuked the recording.  Timeless was another soap opera, so that went bye bye quickly. Elementary telegraphed who the bad guy was pretty early, but still managed a trick ending. They did leave one huge loose end which will either be smoothed over soon or that character will be dropped.

Nothing else on the Xfinity box which I want to see. I took the cable card out of the Tivo in the bedroom, and set it up for antenna. It has a lot of the programs which were on the Xfinity, so maybe I will watch them in bed. Some of them. Disconnected the Xfinity box, and it's in a Fry's re-usable bag with the remote, power brick & HDMI cable (which may actually belong to me - I'll find out when I turn the box in).

Bulkr completed its download of my Flickr photos by the time I got home, and now the Google Photos uploader is running in the background, complaining from time to time that it can't upload a random photo or six. It's very slow, probably will take all weekend, or maybe more.

Paycheck arrived in my bank account. About $50 more than I'd computed. I'm in a much lower tax bracket now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Enter my time online (the system is down for maintenance on Friday evenings)
Comcast. Return their equipment, change my subscription to internet-only. Should lower my bill by about $100/month. I expect to pay about $20/month in streaming subscriptions - CBS All Access will be half that.  
Fry's, return a wrong ink cartridge. The box was opened but the cartridge is sealed.
Call places advertising in the park's magazine to see if one of them will do the kitchen lights. The ones on Yelp don't do mobile homes.


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