Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff Done, Then A Nap

Spook and I were both taken by surprise when the lights went on as usual at 7:30 this morning. Slept well after a 6 am pee break. The bedroom Tivo is set for antenna, not cable, and since I don't have the antenna yet, no signals. But the TV came on anyway.

Surgical strike morning. Palo Alto to Xfinity, handed them all their equipment, switched to Internet-only, 25Mbps. I was getting 100, far more than I need, because after I originally signed up for 25, they doubled it twice over the years at no extra charge. Sort of. The charge for the TV stations went up dramatically. Palo Alto instead of my local Sunnyvale office because Yelp confirmed that my local sucked, and said nice things about PA. True dat. PA was empty, was taken care of immediately, it only took about 5 minutes, probably less.

Next stop down the block at PA Fry's, returned the ink cartridge and bought a USB 3.0 cable & extension just in case one doesn't show up at work. I can always use it at home.

Continuing on, Petco in Mountain View, got 6 cans of cat food, shredded and filleted in gravy. Will see if Spook will actually eat any of them. Usually she slurps up the gravy and leaves the meat.

Almost home, stopped in for a manicure, but they were busy, so I went to the Grocery Outlet across the parking lot and bought a couple of items. Long wait for manicure, turned out to be an hour after my first poke-in. Half an hour after the grocery.

Home, delivered was a 3-way LED bulb which is working only as a 1-way. Update: fixed it. I had been using an extension socket, needed for the previous 1-way bulb. The extension didn't have the concentric contacts which are needed to support the 3-way switch. Plugged the bulb in without the extension and it works correctly.

Close to 4 pm, realized I had eaten only a Kind bar all day, heated up a container of chicken soup from the freezer and some roast duck pieces from the fridge. Yummy. Vanilla ice cream with crushed pistachios, walnuts, chocolate syrup and honey for dessert.

Fired up the NVidia Shield TV, paid way too much for the 4K version of The Fifth Element, and watched as I ate. I'm amazed I had not heard of this film. Hard sci-fi mixed with faux Egyptology. Enjoyed it a lot. My only gripe is the 4k was really just HD upscaled, so I wasted $2 when the HD version would have given the same experience. Google Play Movies advertises it for $2.99, but that's ugly SD, $5.99 for HD, $7.99 for 4k.

Installed the free Haystack TV app on the Nvidia, and have that running in the background. Signed up for CBS All Access on the PC, but it won't let me in on the NVidia. May have to call them about that. $10/month already paid.

After the movie I needed a nap. Slept for more than an hour, woke with a mild migraine, took Tylenol, then checked Hgl. 72, pretty low for after an ice cream dessert. Medicated with 4 slices of cinnamon raisin bread toasted and and slathered with lactose-free butter. And a glass of Sir Bananas chocolate, something I had to buy at Grocery Outlet.

Google Photos uploads continue. After ~ 24 hours, 2,000 left out of almost 50,000 and about 100 rejected probably because they are >16Mb. After the run is over, I may sort the pix by size and Photoshop those to < 16Mb. Looks like it will run overnight. Hoping tomorrow's backup of the drive with those pix isn't a full backup. The slower Internet connection has made a difference. :-(

Did not get around to calling electricians.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing planned. See if I can get any football games on CBS app.
Fry's for an HDTV antenna or 2. Amazon Prime FAIL - was expecting them today, but it looks like Wednesday.

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