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TV transition sorted for now

I find it fitting that Transamerica Tower is located in the heart of San Francisco, trans capitol of the USA.
Looked up my order on Amazon for a pair of HDTV antennae, and was shocked and disappointed that they are not due here till Wednesday. That's not the Prime service I pay for. So this morning I went to Fry's, and after the trio of Korean customers blocking the display were finally led away by a minion, I found a couple of amplified flat ones which claimed 50 mile reach. RCA brand, but what sold me is the online price was $32 compared to Fry's $50. Because of the price difference, it took three people at check-out to handle the discount, but they all did it smiling.

After plugging the antenna directly into the livingroom TV and seeing it worked as well as expected, I took my Tivo Roamio out of the bedroom and put it in the livingroom, and with a T connector have both the TV and the Tivo connected to the antenna. With the Tivo in place I can record stuff and use the surround sound speakers. And it usually has a better EPG than what's built into the HDTV signals. Pleasantly surprised to get a fairly clear signal in time for the 49ers game on Fox, so I set the Tivo to record that. Meanwhile I solved the issue of my CBS account not showing up on the NVdia box. Turned out I needed to be on the PC signed into the account when the NVidia prompted me to enter the pairing code. I'd been trying to do it on my phone, not signed in. Found a couple of shows to play back, and watched most of the Raiders game live. The TV said it was getting a 1080p60 signal, but to my eyes it looked like 720p30. Not bad but not thrilling. There were also moments of lag, and drop-downs to SD quality.

The 49ers game recording failed - the Tivo couldn't get past the major glitch after about a minute when I was messing with the antenna and scrambled the signal. It should have let me skip over that, most of the game was on there.

Hooked the second antenna up to the bedroom TV, no Tivo for now. Because of the different location, I'm getting some different channels. No Fox, a scrambled ABC, but all 20 1-x channels, mostly Vietnamese. I've changed the alarm to fire up on channel 5-1, which is CBS. All the 9-x PBS/SF channels come in (they don't on the livingroom set) as well as 54-x which is the legacy UHF PBS series.

I may add the Tivo, but it may not be worth the effort. I do need to re-program the bedroom remote (already did the livingroom one).

Lunch was Meatish Sweedeballs, vanilla ice cream with honey and walnuts. Dinner while watching the Tivo recording of Tampa Bay Dallas was two slices of Safeway supreme pizza, grapes and Famous Amos for dessert. For the record, after more than half an hour of the oven cooking at 450°F, the CO monitor read zero. F U PG&E.

Paused the football game to write this. The video quality is pretty good, some occasional minor glitches, pretty reasonable for free service. In the distant future I may hire someone to install a real antenna on the roof, the cables are still there from the prior owner, when there was a dish.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe bypass the commute by seeing La La Land at the nearby cinema.

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