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Shopping day

I was all prepared with USB cables, but the machine needed a USB drive. Boss told me to buy one. I drove to the 7-11, which I swear had them recently, but not any more. Across the street the CHM has them in the gift shop but they are closed M-T. Safeway didn't have any either. Finally CVS downtown MV. Paid way too much, but got back to work and got the machine up and running. And now that I think about it, there is a Best Buy a lot closer, but in the other direction.
Finally got my laptop from the tech department. Boss told me the s/w I needed was on the corporate stash, but it isn't. So I worked on other things.

Lunch did not happen. Most of the cafeterias were closed, the mob scene at the main one was impossible.

Could have used a recharge, but the chargers in the garage are disabled after 5 pm.

Home by way of Fry's, bought an optical to analog audio converter to do a test for work.  It meant Central Expressway instead of the freeway, so that was a plus. Got a minimal charge for the car, paid too much for it. It almost got me home on the battery. The app which the recall was supposed to fix has stopped communicating with the car. FAIL.

Dinner was Marie C pot roast, "beef" on the label, potatoes were more populous. Vanilla ice cream, honey & walnuts for dessert. Made two PNB sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

Fired up CBS all access and watched the first 2 episodes of Extant. Halle Berry is a recently returned astronaut from a solo mission whose husband is raising his android son as a regular member of the family. I didn't finish episode 2, it's turned from being a thoughtful science fiction show to the worst kind of horror mystery.

Been keeping my Facebook to a minimum. So many crying babies. We lost the election when Hillary screwed over Bernie. It's been over for months. It's hilarious that making important email messages public had to be done from behind the Iron Curtain. The party of transparency isn't. I'm not looking forward to the next presidency. But I'm not in denial either.

Plans for tomorrow:
La La Land at the nearby cinema


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Dec. 20th, 2016 08:20 am (UTC)
You might be surprised to know that I agree with you, to a small extent, about my fellow dems. First there was the Stein recall, with constantly changing financial goals, that ended up being ridiculous and changing nothing. Some of my friends donated money to that con game. Jill Stein is a total phony.

Next, there was all this ridiculousness about the EC. No way they could have gotten that many faithless electors. Because electors are nearly all party higher ups, and if they betray the party, that part of their life is toast.

Now they're talking impeachment. Which would be great, and I'm all for it, but get real: not gonna happen, and Pence is not much better.

I think the dems need to (1) quit blaming each other for everything and work together (not gonna happen), and (2) start getting tough and trying to block every single thing Trump does. Probably won't work, but they need to be seen as standing up for their constituency if they want to turn things around in the midterms. And they may find some allies among the GOP when Trump starts trying to dismantle the military.

On another topic, my favorite frozen dinner lately has been the Boston Market chicken parm & spag.
Dec. 21st, 2016 08:04 am (UTC)
Not too surprised. You're reasonable enough to know overboard when you see it. The elector issue was a non-starter because every state writes a law, usually in their constitution, which carries severe penalties (as in jail time) for electors not casting their ballots the way they were voted. Maine, for instance, made the Bernie voter change his to Hillary because it was out of order. Only a small handful of states allow any freedom, WA is one of them, with Hillary votes going to Colin Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle (one of the pipeline protest organizers).

Impeachment is a non-starter with a GOP-dominated congress.

And as much as they whined during the campaign, Congress is going to pass all his budgets and start writing more unconstitutional laws. It's going to be a Conservative court come January.

I don't like any of this, but it is what it is.
Dec. 21st, 2016 08:08 am (UTC)
His minions are already coming for the Jews. In Montana. There was an article about it.
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