Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots Done, feeling accomplished

Spook was on the bed some of the night and was in the bathroom when I got up. As soon as I flush, she bolts and hides just past the door, poised to attack. It was a good night - only woke up once.

Took a little extra time before leaving because I knew traffic would be light.

I had somehow locked myself out of my work account last night, and was all prepared to do a password reset (company policy is if you use your corpnet password anywhere else, they lock you out. I thought I might have done that by mistake). But was puzzled when the help web site wouldn't let me do that, instead it hinted a few things, and one of them is the 2-step ID doesn't work if your browser blocks cookies. I had blocked them to prevent an obnoxious pop-up from Tom's site (well known geek place). My laptop was also locked out because google accounts sync, and what I do on one machine's Chrome browser gets synced to the other.

So, cookies enabled and both machines were back in business.

Email from a vendor arrived, and among other things it claimed that a bug I'd reported was not a bug at all. But it is, they had obviously misunderstood the specs for a feature. But it's an optional feature, and Boss said they are free to implement it any way they want. It's this OCD tester's nightmare situation, but one of the things they pay me for, I am beginning to understand, is to not sweat the little things, as long as I report them.

One of Boss' team, who is allowed to book my time, booked me to start a project on the 28th. I asked the three people in my pod, and they all said yes, the 28th is a work day for them. They only get off 23-26 and 30-1/3. But they are one a different team. I asked Boss and she confirmed that today was the last work day till next year for us.

Hunted down the e-car charger info on corpnet, and yes indeed, there was a way to authorize my chargepoint card to use at work. It took about 3 hours after I entered the secret code, so at about 3 I went downstairs, moved my car to a kiosk and plugged it in. So I had enough charge after work to go to Best Buy.

Bought the HDTV antenna I had looked up, and was out of there by 6. Not a lot of customers, plenty of parking.

Home, no calendars yet. So I assembled the antenna and hooked it up. It is just enough of an improvement to make it worth the expense. AFter that I mailmerged address labels from an Excel spreadsheet, and amazing but true they printer right the first time.

Heard a knock on the door, hard to tell which door. Opened the front door, nada. Opened the carport door, and there was the (very heavy) box of calendars.

But first, dinner. Marie C chicken teriyaki. So-so. not going to buy it again. Better than the slab of unidentified chicken-like substance in their Honey Roasted Chicken Dinner, which I keep buying by mistake when what I want is the Herb Roasted Chicken Dinner.  The latter is actual identifiable chicken parts. Similarly, in a case of "there's no accounting for taste", I don't like Boston Market's chicken Parmesan dinner, which lemmozine suggested, despite the delicious spaghetti. I don't like chicken breast. I'm not a breast man. I'm more of an ass man, so I go for thighs and legs.

Next order of business was the 1-man assembly line. First, each calendar got a gold foil label on the back with my name, email and flickr address. Next, the envelopes were given return address labels, address labels and in the case of overseas mail, FIRST CLASS labels. Then out came the stamps. The mailmerge already sorted them by country. Europe, Japan and the Middle East got $7, Canada $3.33 and USA $2. Except for Canada, those are rounded up a penny or three. BFD. Some that I'll hand deliver did not get stamped.

Next step, stuff a calendar in each one, and drop in my "vanity" photographer biz card, Peel and seal the envelope and set it aside. This was a 3-tray operation because I was too lazy to clean off my office table or haul the folding table out of the shed.

All done, the stamped ones are in a shopping bag headed for the PO tomorrow morning. They can be fed into the big items bin. One reason I stopped using Costco is they only do spiral bound, which makes the envelope "irregular" and needs to be handed to a clerk, and the overseas ones needed customs forms. But with the saddle stitched ones they lie flat, and qualify as personal first class mail.

I'm still waiting for two former co-workers to give me their snailmail addresses. And there is one which I will probably have to bring to basfa next Monday for maurinestarkey. I used to auction one off, but they never fetched what they were worth. I think one year the bid was $3. Big whoop. Maurine (aka Mo) is a Hugo-winning artist who has been kind enough to invite me to display my work at several art shows over the years which she managed. I've only been to one meeting since they moved it to the other side of the Bay. It's a pretty treacherous drive on a Monday night during rush hour. But the club had been meeting for years on my side of the pond, and many members were making the (reverse commute) drive from the other side, so I'm only mildly miffed. Location aside, it's a near perfect venue.

Watched the news on KTVU, the new antenna brings it in at about 90%, annoying but good enough for free TV. Fired up the Nvidia and watched another episode of MacGuyver.

Meanwhile, the Google Home is smart enough to play Hungarian rhapsodies when I ask. And Mozart. When I asked for classical it gave me some Bach, but something heavier than I needed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post Office
Hang out at home, out of the rain.

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