Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late to bed and late to rise

Was up way too late journaling. LJ was being attacked, it looked like. Classic case of a flooded gateway, so what I wrote last night was not posted till this morning, backdated to about 11 pm in case you missed it.
PO, slid all the calendars into the bulk mail chute, about 4-5 at a time.

Then on to MV and Kohl's, and after figuring out where they hid the men's department and finding the big & tall nook, they had Levi's in my size. Or close enough. Inseam is really about 27, for my waist size most online and steel & concrete stores only have 30 at best, more often 32. To make my cuffs not touch the ground I would have to wear the pants up around my neck. Kohl's had 29's in several shades and styles. I got three - two of the same style but different "washes", and one of a different style & wash.

Backstory -  I've been swimming in my pants all week. I prefer suspenders to belts, and I felt like one of the old cartoon characters who lost his clothes and is wearing a barrel held up by suspenders. During my 8 months of unemployment I lost about 10 lbs and 2" from my waistline. Just before I was laid off, I could no longer fit into most of my jeans so I bought some one size larger, and gave the too-small ones to Goodwill. Looking through my closet last night I was surprised to find none of the next-smaller size. So I went online, and could not find my size on amazon, but a Google search pointed me to Kohl's and Walmart. Xmas eve day did not strike me as a time to be in Walmart. They are both in the same shopping center in MV, so if I didn't find them at Kohl's I could try WMart.

From the parking lot I phoned Ford, told them the modem they installed is not working, and made an appointment for Wednesday. Later I poked around and saw that in the settings, where there should have been the serial number of the modem, it was blank. Highly likely it simply got disconnected.

It was raining pretty hard, so when I got home I decided to stay there.

To-do list item got to-done: Took down all the window curtains, threw them in the washing machine with a white bath towel and a kitchen towel. The curtains are small cotton panels, a couple of them got muddied from getting dipped into the water catchers under my window sill plants.  And the rest have been absorbing Sunnyvale's world famous all-penetrating dust for 3 years. They look a lot better now.

The new antenna, as I should have figured out, isn't as good in a rain storm as it is in clear weather. And then some radio ads told me that all the college bowl games and most of the NFL games are only on ESPN. Can't get ESPN on the CBS channels I subscribed to, since they affiliated with ABC. The ESPN app requires a TV provider subscription, such at AT&T U-verse or Xfinity. Bummer. But a little research and for $20/month SlingTV will run on my Nvidia, and along with all the ESPN channels it also gives me TBS and about 15 other stations, maybe half of which I want to watch regularly. Another $5/month and I can add some more, like Fox Sports, and another $5 each can add other bundles, but I'm good for now.

ESPN was showing the unlikely-sponsored Dollar General Bowl, Ohio vs Troy. Gotta say the video quality is superb - very close to 4k.

On TBS I caught the latest episode of People of Earth. It continues to be both interesting and stupid. And technically very well done.

Somewhere in there I had Safeway's clam chowder in a plastic container for lunch, and Falafel poppers in pita halves for dinner. Note to self: Pita pockets do not freeze well. Had to pry them open with a knife.

Delivered was 2 pair of reading glasses. Nice ones with hinged gold frames for about $3  each. The way they were wrapped tells me this particular Amazon shop is a single woman who is not doing this as a mass business.

And also somewhere in there, I figured it would be a good idea to buy my tomorrow's movie ticket for Rogue One online. And boy was I right, the morning showings are already 2/3 sold. This cinema has recliner seating, all seats are reserved. Which means you can show up 15 minutes after the posted time, skip the ads and previews and still get a good seat.

Filled two empty hummingbird feeders. Used the food coloring sparingly, and achieved the same purple as the salvia plants they love to nibble on in the carport garden.

It's early, but as soon as I finish this I'll take my meds and go to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rogue One at 10:45
Starbucks across the street, wait for Janice to show up at 3:30. Maybe stop by the CHM first.
Watch some TV.
Water some indoor plants

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