Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Plan A day

Woke up with the alarms at 7:30, Spook was camped out in the bathroom again. I have to admit those bath mats look mighty comfortable, and orange is one of her colors.

Actually, she was on the one to the right, which is 2 mats overlapping each other in front of the shower.

I stayed in bed till about 9, and then was on a timeline to leave at about 10 for the movies. 10:30 for a 10:45 show time, I should know better. Reserved seat, there were only 4 others in the theater ahead of me. 2/3 full when the show actually started at 11:07.

Rogue One was not worth full price. Or even senior price. Very slow getting started, way too much exposition (talking heads). Only one character actually uses The Force [Spoiler (click to open)], and even though the leading pipsqueak allegedly has the power, she isn't taught to use it, and never discovers it on her own. The leading man, played by one Diego Luna, has all the charisma of underdone mashed potatoes, and mumbles all his lines. That, on top of his thick Mexican accent, makes his lines mostly irrelevant. The leading pipsqueak, played by the usually extremely sexy Felicity Jones, is costumed for maximum birth control. There is no chemistry at all between them. It makes their final scene together laughable.

As usual, the soundtrack is superb, but that's because it's all re-used from the first movie. There were scenes which would have benefited from added music (the way the cantina music of old added to that episode). Cinematography was not all that. They fed my main gripe - way too many scenes shot in the dark for no apparent reason. Ironically one of the best lit scenes was in a little hidey hole underground.

There is an excellent pairing reminiscent of Han and Chewbacca. You'll know it when you see it. The guy looks like Chewey without needing the costume. Speaking of costumes, I love what they did with the empire's director-level getup - white with a billowing white cape. Very chic.

As usual, most of the war scenes gives you no clue who is winning, or even trending. I loved the exploding palm trees. W[hy]TF is the empire secret base on a tropical island paradise?

I stayed, as usual, to the ends of the closing credits, but most of the audience beat it out of there as soon as the credits started. No Easter egg at the end, but James Earl Jones is listed as the voice of Vader, and there was the usual "special thanks" just before the union labels, and the last name on that list is Carrie Fisher. Very poignant because Carrie was in intensive care as I watched the movie, having suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to LA. [Spoiler (click to open)] Her double, Ingvild Deila, appears as Princess Leia in the final scene, which ties this prequel to the chronologically later plot.

Out at 1:30, way too early to go across the street for my 3:30 chat with Janice, so I hit the snack bar and bought a couple of hot dogs and a diet Coke and ate them in the lobby. During the day, Cinema 16 has the food and restrooms open to the public and the ticket takers are left and right at the entrances to the auditoriums. Night time you need a ticket to get into the lobby.

Starbucks was pretty empty at 2:30, easy to get a good table with a view of the eye candy. There was a lot. Janice showed up close to on time, as usual, I gave her a calendar and she went through each page, with commentary by me as needed. She had to scoot at 4:30 to make it to a dinner with another friend. I stopped in at 7-11 for chips, dip & cheesy poofs. Home, 101 traffic was light.

Mixed some chopped clams and bacon bits into the French Onion dip, and munched on chips & dip in front of the TV, but there were no live NFL games on that I could see, and SlingTV wasn't showing any either. I think they all were morning games and I was too late. Maybe tomorrow... But I did manage to see a bunch of highlights, including the 49ers' surprise win, and the Raiders' surprise broken legged QB (they won anyway).

Did manage to watch one ESPN game live - Hawaii and some small town Midwest team. Not very exciting, too many penalties, and it was late in the game with the Rainbows way ahead.

Dinner was the Marie C herb roasted chicken slab I mentioned yesterday. It was either eat it or throw it away. I don't think the food bank takes frozen dinners. Two ice cream sandwiches for dessert (they are small).

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe there is football to watch
Possible Chinese dinner with some Jewish and other friends who don't identify with the fictional Jesus holidays as practiced by most Americans.

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