Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Crappy day

It started out great, Spook slept on the bed most of the night, played with her stuffed crawfish as I took care of bathroom business, I discovered what channels the bedroom antenna picks up (not a lot, but almost enough. Oddly, I can't get a good signal on KTVU which is by far the nearest tower.)  Found a new video URL which is almost as good as Youtube and NSW.

Breakfast was a HB egg, no banana because the only one left in the fridge is best made into a smoothie.

Livingroom TV had no NFL available - the one game I wanted is on ESPN and I'm not paying SlingTV enough for that. Watched other stuff on antenna and NVidia. Lunch was turkey hot dogs on steamed buns with mustard and sauerkraut. The bamboo steamer caught fire. Not enough to raise a smoke alarm, but enough to smell smoke in most of the house. I have another one, but should replace the burned one because I usually need two. Have to remember to only use the big pot underneath, or a wok.
Also had some chips & dip, which I am blaming for the emergency trips to the loo.

During the first one the phone rang, I had to send it to voicemail. A friend from Seattle who told me he would be up here en route to a folksinging confab up north. Called him back as soon as I could, arranged to meet him in SF tomorrow afternoon.

Two more trips to the can, lots of immodium, diet ginger ale with real ginger slices, lactaid pill for good measure. Feels like I'll be alright for tomorrow, but running a low grade fever and a mild cough.

Was able to get the Sunday Night Football channel on antenna, recorded it on Tivo so I was able to FF past commercials. Also took the time to remove the channels I can't get from the Tivo list. Also got rid of the Vietnamese channels but kept the Korean ones because sometimes they are in English and have a good concert show.

Dinner was a Marie C beef pot pie. My fave. None of their other pies use dark meat. Boston Market's chicken pot pie does but they don't sell it outside of their stores around here. My last Famous Amos 5-pack for dessert. Lots of wheat thins prior to dinner.

Bummed because I wanted to go to the Chinese dinner with non-Xtian friends. It was too early by about an hour for me to feel safe being away from porcelain.

Took out the garbage, did a load of laundry - jeans mostly, all of them too big.

While digging out some piled up paperwork, found my DMV renewal notice. Not due for a month, but I figured if I do it now, I'll have my tags in time. Online registration is easy, but this year the bill was $90 more than last year. That's not the way it is supposed to work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Caltrain to BART to Powell to Pickwick Hotel to meet Fred.
Maybe go to the Kwaanza fest at the African Heritage museum - the only museum open on a Monday, only for this event, plus it's free.

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