Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Monday

Spook was on the bed a lot, and in the bathroom some playing with her crawfish.

She loves to push it under the door and wrestle with it from the other side. Sometimes when I throw it into the bath tub she jumps in and gets it, but not this morning.

Took my time getting started, breakfast was a bowl of melon pieces.

Lots of unsubstantiated rumors on FB about Carrie Fisher dying, and I thought maybe for once the BBC had not checked their facts, so I went to the LA Times, where she was being treated, and there it was on the front page. It took Debbie Reynolds most of the day to post something. Apparently everyone else got their news from Carrie's daughter.

I had stopped paying attention to Carrie years ago after seeing an excerpt from her one-woman show, where she was enormously overweight and IMHO not very funny, and her only volumes were louder and loudest. Skip to the next to latest Star Wars movie where I thought she looked great, but I also thought she was my age. Now I know better. One thing which all the outpourings has done is make me aware that she was in a lot more stage & screen, and had written a bunch of books. John Scalzi's post giving her credit for inspiring him to write inspired me to buy the Kindle version of her Wishful Drinking. I also was unaware that her dad ditched her mom for Elizabeth Taylor.

Crowbarred myself away from the PC and went to MV for an optometry appointment. He had looked at my records and knew it all, a major advantage to Kaiser HMO, and he noticed that I'd been to an eye doctor before, was told I had astigmatism, but decided against glasses. I only vaguely remember that appointment, and all I remember being told is glasses were an option, but not crucial. This time I was able to see the difference between with/without lenses clearly (any way I say it will be a pun), where last time I really couldn't.

He gave me two prescriptions, one for all-uses progressive lenses and one for computer glasses. I wanted to get one of each, but my coverage didn't even cover one. I ordered progressive lenses and a frame (50% off was still $60) and ended up paying $127 out of pocket out of the full $500 cost. Computer glasses would have set me back another $300. For now, I see computer/tablet well enough with OTC readers.

Spent 5 minutes on the john, but nothing happened.

On to Amazon, got there a little early. Called Quang, and in the short time between calling and him showing up at the door, I needed to get to the john FAST. Luckily it was close to the door, and I almost made it in time. There was a bit of a mess, but thankfully it was all contained in my shorts, and was cleaned up quickly.  we went to the front desk to check me in, then back to where we had come from where I bought a small sandwich and chips. Not much food service today. Quang said he wasn't hungry, and had some popcorn and water. While I was in the food area, I ran into Mani, another Terayon refugee.

I gave Quang a pair of calendars (the final photo is a friend of his wife's). Mani joined us, and Quang mentioned that D also worked here, and like magic, 5 minutes later D joined us. Small world.

Q & I chatted for a long time, then I drove home, kind of racing against the clock because I had a 2:30 phone call coming from a recruiter and it was 2:20. I did get home and was firing up the PC when he called. Normally I wouldn't consider changing jobs this soon, but this is a well-paying FTE gig with benefits, and the technology is amazing. And it takes a long time to go through the process - they wouldn't even start talking to me till the 2nd week in January at the soonest. He won't even be able to get a job description to me by then due to NDA concerns. And part of it is practice, I suspect the job is beyond my current skill set. But many of my jobs have been at first.

Got cleaned up, changed underwear, the damage was not as bad as yesterday's.

Got sucked into the Facebook morass again, and reverse serendipity struck. One of my most avid Star Wars fan friends, someone who made an Empire general's costume and regularly does things with the local Troopers group, posted a quote from Watership Down in memory of Carrie. The next thing I saw on BBC was an announcement that the author of Watership Down also died today. Total coincidence.

In the park mail slot was my rent bill, and they made a mistake - charged me last year's rent amount, about $30 less than it should be. I'll see if the office is open tomorrow or Thursday and if it is, will find out if it was a mistake. Probably is, they changed managers this week.

Left voicemail for the San Diego pharmacist who had me change Metformin from regular to extended release that my TMI episodes are worse, not better, and my blood sugar control is also worse, and asked to be changed back. I made the switch in my pill boxes, since I still have about a 2-month supply of regular.

No deliveries today, which is a surprise, I have about 6 items en route. OTOH, calendars which were sent out Friday have arrived in Baltimore, MD and Aberdeen, WA.

Costco sent me mail saying my Cuisinart probably has a chopper blade which has been recalled. I didn't think so, but went online to recall.cuisinart.com and sure enough, it is. Been using it without issues for about 10 years. They will send a replacement.

Fired up SlingTV in time for the last 5 minutes of the Wazoo bowl game, and saw the fatal interception for a touchdown which nailed it for the other team.

Dinner was more of yesterday's chicken & cole slaw, the last of the vanilla ice cream with some chocolate sauce and walnuts for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am, drop the car off at Ford. I think once they get to it, they will find the modem simply got disconnected, or blew its fuse. But it will take them most of the day. Not a problem, since I don't need to be at work, I can hop a bus to the mall with my laptop in a knapsack. Maybe see a movie.

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