Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Long Bus rides 'r' me

Spook did it again - 4 am, she walked up my leg to my chest and let me pet her for a minute. Pit stop then back to bed till 7:30.

Sunnyvale Ford at 9, dropped off the car and took the #22 local bus to the end of the line at Eastridge Mall. It was only a little chilly, sunny day so I walked outside most of the length of the mall to the nearest entry to the theaters, and checked the show times. It was 10:45, and my choices were Moana 2D or Passengers 3D at 11:35. Already had missed the early showing of Collateral Beauty. Since I was way early I chose Moana knowing the place would be full of kids by showtime. Got a good seat, but then an Indian family of 5 decided to try to sit on both sides of me. The crosstalk as Mom and Dad couldn't decide whom the kids would sit with (it was really easy - Dad and one on my left, Mom and one on my right) but Mom didn't get it. So I moved a row forward to what would be wheelchair helper seats had there been any wheel chairs. There weren't.

I liked the movie, but it didn't thrill me. The songs aren't catchy, the running gag with the demi-god's tattoos was over-used, and there was a lot of boring before we got to the heart of the plot. Most of the animation was typical Disney too angular, but the final scene with the goddess was more Avatar quality. I loved the crazy grandmother, and while they used it well as a plot device, I don't really think women in that culture would have a full-back tattoo.

Walked through the mall to get back to the bus station, and am wishing I had taken my time - it's a gorgeous mall with a lot of shops unique to it. But I wanted to get to the Ford place by 4, and thought that even the express bus would be iffy.

It wasn't, there is an express stop right across the street and I was there by a little after 3. The car wasn't ready yet, but they had figured out the problem and it didn't require any parts. I set up the laptop in their waiting area, and 45 minutes later the car was ready. Turns out the issue was installer error. The reason for the recall was Ford was surrendering the frequency the modem transmitted at, and was switching to another one. The installers had set it up at the old frequency. It was a change from a 2G to a 3G network.

Grocery Outlet on the way home, stocked up on Payday and Kind bars, and bought some staples I have run out of. And egg nog - they had 6 vareties (none last week).

Home, wasn't able to pair the app with the car, so I went to the web site - it needed to have the car's VIN re-added. Now it connects.

Printed the rent check, will drop it off tomorrow. I'm sure they will add the missing 6% next time.

Online, found a site which will make 2 pairs of prescription computer glasses for $100, which is about 1/4 of what Kaiser would charge.

While I was at the movies, the San Diego phramacist returned my call, but I let it go to voicemail. Couldn't understand her accent, had no idea who it was. The area code was not familiar, and usually Kaiser calls show the company name.

Watched some of the KS State/Texas A&M game. Dinner was a small Lamb saag and a small Swedish meatballs. Cantaloupe pieces for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent
Maybe revisit Ed Levin Park with fishing gear - only 3 more days left on my fishing license.


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