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Gone not fishing

Spook did the body walk again early this morning. Close as I can figure it, she is telling me it's time for me to pee. Because it often is.
Watched some college football and Facebooked most of the morning, it was too cold to go fishing until about 1 pm. Drove out to Ed Levin Park, which I had been told by a recent visitor had a lot more water in its lake. In theory the lake is stocked from Nov-Feb. Got there and saw a hang glider landing, so I parked by that area and got out my camera, but it turned out to be the last flight of the day. Like hot air balloons, they prefer cool morning thermals. Apparently. All of the flyers were my age, which surprised me.

I drove to the side of the lake with the boat dock/fishing platforms, but the water is still way too low to fish from there. Then around to the retaining wall, where there were a couple of people fishing, but they weren't catching anything, and kids were throwing rocks in the lake. Stupid kids were trying to skip rocks backhanded. I was tempted to show them how it's done, but didn't want to encourage them to scare the ducks & fish.

I stood around for a long time trying to decide whether my camp chair would be stable at the bottom of the wall, but there wasn't any level space. So I didn't do any fishing. I only took a couple of GPS shots back at the hang glider area, because the park really hasn't improved as much as I expected since the rains. At one point a great blue heron flew through the parking lot, but it didn't land anywhere I could see. Even if I had my camera out there wasn't a clear shot.

Home, snacked, watched more football, Booked more face and there were three email messages from Idaho with my high school girlfriend's phone number. Her kids had set her up on facebook, but she doesn't know how to use it, and they thought maybe I hadn't gotten her message last week.

So I called, we talked for an hour. The last time we had seen each other was probably 1981 or 2, I had moved to Hayward, but was visiting the Seattle homestead when she was visiting her BFF. She had been married, had two sons, and was living on the other side of Puget Sound. We went out for dinner with her BFF and BFF's boyfriend, then went back to BFF's apartment and left a mark on her couch.

Since then she got divorced, re-married,  was widowed, and moved to Idaho to be near one of her sons. The other one is in Seattle, being a vet tech in the same place she had trained before getting married and moving away.

Very surprised to find out her BFF is still married to that old boyfriend. BFF during high school was not known for her sticktoitiveness. Or her monogamous tendencies.

Watched more football, booked more faces, emailed replies to a friend in Ashland who liked the calendar because it had photos from her old haunts Newark & Fremont, and my long lost cousin who sent a 2016 newsletter which had a lot of news of his engagement, his dad's death and his mom's getting over her doldrums to go on a cruise with them. And not a word about his brother, who lives in Salinas, and is one of the reasons I long lost that cousin. Long story.  His mother is my dad's cousin, maybe kissing cousin, maybe too close for that. As I remember it, her mother was my father's aunt. Or not.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some football
Maybe see a movie.
Maybe get a massage

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